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Students who have achieved their dreams with GREedge’s Complete GRE program

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Steps to Reach Top Universities


Fill in your

This program is exclusively only to students who are targeting top universities.


Talk to your

Your counselor will help you finalize and select a program that suits your needs, helps you achieve high GRE score and get top university admits.


Join Complete GRE Program

After enrollment, your SFAs will provide you a extensive study plan with materials to breach your target score.


Reach the Top Universities

You can reach top universities with the help of well written and drafted university specific SOPs and mock
visa interviews.

Join the Complete GRE program to target top universities

Those who dream big, achieve bigger.

"Here's to the ones who see things differently. You can quote them, disagree with them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them because they
push the human race forward." —Steve Jobs

These students have realized their dreams in reaching top universities. They were the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who think and act differently, ones who have big dreams and achieve them. You too can be one among them!

But, here’s the catch! Getting into these prestigious universities isn't a cakewalk. There are numerous hurdles that need to be overcome if you are to land an admit in one of these universities. But once you get through the rigorous routine, you will emerge a winner! It will be worth every bit.

The Complete GRE Program will help you accomplish the first step by helping you with:

1.Personalized study plan
2.Accurate mock tests.
3.Two personal trainers.

So, here’s your chance to live those big dreams with GREedge. Go make the world proud!

Target High GRE Score with Complete GRE Program


Get ready for GRE in six months, without compromising on your regular academics, with this thorough and complete study package.


  • 180 Days Validity
  • Minimum 250 Hours of Practice
  • GRE Style Tests (Verbal) - 10
  • GRE Style Tests (Quant) - 10
  • Full Length Tests - 4
  • 2 Personal Trainers (Verbal & Quant)
  • Wordbot - Full Access
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Join the Complete GRE Program to get High GRE Score

Benefits of joining GREedge

Gift your Loved Ones

Personalized SFA

Your Personal Mentor and Guide to tirelessly help you, guide you, motivate you and cater to all your GRE related needs and queries throughout your preparation.

Celebrate XMAS Together

Millisecond Technology

The Perfect Amalgamation of Human Intelligence and Machine Efficiency to accurately analyze your preparation and map your needs to achieve your target score in GRE.

Sweets, Cakes & More

Learning Tracker

The ultimate tool for all your GRE preparation needs which would help you predict your score, provide personalised materials and contact your SFA from one simple interface.

Join Complete GRE Program to reach your target score

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Why choose Us?

AartiRochester Institute of Technology

The admission counselling procedure is also amazing. My counselors helped me in getting my documents ready on time. I would strongly recommend GREedge Admission Counseling to all the aspirants.

Effective Planning

Shivam GoelNortheastern University

Being a working professional I got the flexibility to prepare as and when required. I was assisted in every step, starting from the preparation of the documents till the VISA interview

Why choose Us?

Nityansh SethGeorgia Tech

I was really happy with the experience since I could manage my preparation ,application and work simultaneously. Special thanks to my Admission SFA who provided me with a brilliant list of universities.

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