How to Prepare for GRE Exam in just 5 steps

How to prepare for GRE?

If you dream of studying at top graduate schools abroad, you probably already know that a good GRE score can get you several steps closer to your goal! But getting ready for a high score on your GRE is quite unlike preparing for your high school or college exams! There is a lot of information floating around regarding how one should prepare for the GRE and rather than providing answers, it leads to more questions. Questions like:
How to prepare for GRE?
If you face the same doubts, then, dont worry, you are not alone. Our tried and tested GRE preparation strategy has helped over 33,000 students achieve their target scores and dream grad school admits. And this strategy is exactly what you need to know how to prepare for your GRE.
Before you jump to how to prepare for the GRE, you must know all the options available to you to prepare for GRE so that you can take an informed decision based on your learning style. Now, let’s take a quick glance at the different methods students utilize to practice for their GRE - right from the beginning of their prep, to what they do on test day!

Different Methods to Prepare for GRE

Generally, students take different approaches when they prepare for GRE:

Online with a Personal Trainer:

How to prepare for GRE online with a personal trainer

Designed to tackle all aspects of GRE preparation, studying online with a personal trainer provides a two-fold advantage - the convenience of studying at your own & personal guidance to help you stay on track. By providing regular feedback, accurate progress tracking, and expert doubt clarification, you can better your scores to achieve your potential. However, it requires sincere commitment from your side too.

Self Preparation:

How to prepare for GRE on own (self preparation)


With a lot of full lengthFree GRE Practice Tests available online, the students who prefer to be left undisturbed opt for self-preparation. Usually, these students gather a lot of books and prepare for GRE with a self-made study plan that is based on their perception of themselves rather than factual data. Unless you are absolutely confident of preparing by yourself, the biggest downside is the difficulty in solving doubts quickly or accurately and feedback on practice.

Coaching Classes:

How to prepare for GRE with coaching classes

For many decades, the only option to prepare for GRE was to go to a coaching class. It's more suitable for those who enjoy being in large groups in a classroom environment. However, with only 1 teacher to clarify the doubts of 50 students, it is quite difficult to get quality expert guidance to sort out your problems. Besides, how much can a classroom teacher help if the majority of your doubts crop up when you study on your own?

So, which one of these approaches should you choose?

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Common Difficulties while Preparing for GRE

1) Unaware of their strengths and weaknesses.
2) Unsure of how to prioritize concepts.
3) Anxious about the quality of study materials.
4) Confused about how to improve problem areas.
5) Inadequate practice in a GRE-like environment.
To tackle all of the above problems effectively, you require an efficient plan that takes your learning style into consideration. Therefore, to provide a clear answer on how to prepare for GRE, we have distributed the GRE Preparation Process into simple steps.

Prepare for GRE in 5 Steps:

1. Take a Diagnostic Test
The first and the most important step in understanding how to prepare for GRE is to first clearly evaluate where you stand and how far you need to go. This is quite similar to a full body check up before you start any rigorous training. Preparing for GRE is also no different. Without any prior preparation, you must Take a diagnostic test that is as similar to the actual GRE as possible. Don’t worry about the score you get. This is merely to understand your strengths and weaknesses clearly.

2. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses:
After taking a diagnostic test, you will get a detailed understanding on your conceptual understanding of the various topics in the GRE. This will help you demarcate your strong points and your weaker areas. For example, you could have a very strong hold on Algebra and Geometry in the quantitative section, but you might have to work on your Data Interpretation skills. This will help you chalk out a clear plan on how to prepare for the GRE hereafter.

3. Draft a systematic study plan:
Every win is backed by a sound game plan. Now that you are armed with the information of how far you need to go for your target scores, you can allocate the necessary resources accordingly. Depending on your current score, you can estimate the time required to master specific concepts and the overall time for the entire GRE syllabus. You must also factor your learning style when you allocate time. Every test-taker is different with regard to their learning style, speed, target score, and time availability. That's why, a customized GRE study plan has to be crafted accordingly.

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4. Fix your GRE date
Most students tend to think about how to prepare for GRE after booking their GRE date. However, a better approach would be to Fix your GRE Date beforehand but after you have made a concrete study plan. This way you will know exactly how much time you need to achieve your target scores. Remember that, this is not a final date. It is only to set a deadline for your GRE preparation. You can officially book your GRE date, three weeks prior, so that you can get your desired GRE date without compromising on your GRE preparation.

5. Get Started!:
Now that you are clear on how to prepare for GRE, all you have to do is get started! Split your preparation into learning and practice sessions so that you are able to understand concepts thoroughly before you test yourself on it. This practice lies at the heart of the success of 33,000 students at GREedge. The secret to preparing for the test and improving your GRE score lies in a simple three-letter formula - L, P, F.
The LPF method, also known as the Learn Practice & Feedback method utilizes the three techniques required to cement any kind of learning.
LEARN: Get a holistic understanding by breaking down the syllabus into simple, easily understandable concepts like Permutations & Combinations or Text Completion. By learning specific techniques you can tackle different questions and identify variations of a particular type of test questions as well.
PRACTICE: Strike while the iron is hot! Take a practice test as soon as you are done learning a particular concept. With GRE-style questions for specific concepts, you can get an immediate picture of where you stand and how much you have learned.
FEEDBACK:Worried about not understanding Reading Comprehension thoroughly enough? Don’t worry. Get immediate feedback for every session you learn as well as every practice exam that you take. This combined analysis will help your expert trainer spot flaws in your learning style and suggest remedies.

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