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GRE Bootcamp: Free 5 day LIVE Course

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21 Jun
06:00 PM
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Want to kickstart your GRE Prep and get ready for a 320+ score? We got your back! With GRE BootCamp, get access to online training classes, LIVE doubt clearing sessions, feedback for better performance, access to GREedge learning applications, and much more. Lay down the foundations for a 320+ Score with GRE Bootcamp. Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Limited slots per batch. Register now.
GRE Bootcamp Curriculum:
Day 1- GRE Essentials
(GRE Syllabus, Sections, Scoring Pattern, Preparation Strategies)
Important pre-requisites and preparation strategies to secure a 320+ GRE Score.
Day 2- Verbal Module 1: Basics of Reading Comprehension
(Introduction to GRE RC, Analytical Reading, Examples, QnA)
Everything about GRE RC and techniques to solve them twice as fast.
Day 3- Quant Module 1: Permutation & Combination
(Introduction, Important Formulae, Solving Strategies, Problems, QnA session)Basic to advanced concepts and methods to tackle tricky problems.
Day 4- Verbal Module 2: Advanced Reading Comprehension Techniques
(RC Passages, Identification, Classification, Examples, QnA)
Learn how to quickly summarise the main idea of challenging passages.
Day 5-Quant Module 2: Concepts of Probability
(Introduction, Important Formulae, Solving Strategies, Problems, QnA session)
Decode problems on GRE Probability and learn how to solve them with ease.
Meet Your Experts:
Mr. Yogish Lavanis
GREedge Co-founder, Pedagogy Designer and Subject Matter Expert.
Mr. Lavanis is the architect of the online personalized learning and teaching methods that we follow today. He is an alumnus of the prestigious IISc Bangalore and has guided over 50,000 MS aspirants.
Mr. Senthil Pandian
Senior Verbal specialist, GREedge
Mr. Senthil Pandian is an experienced lecturer with over 15 years of training experience. He has been an integral part of the GREedge Verbal SFA team and has helped countless students achieve a 160+ GRE Verbal Score.
Mr. Prithiviraj Kabali
Quants Specialist & E-Class Expert
With the experience of guiding 7,000+ MS aspirants in GRE quants, Mr. Prithiviraj Kabali is responsible for giving a comprehensive structure to the E-classes teaching methods that we follow today.
Ms. Samyuktha Anbarasu
Senior Verbal SFA, GREedge
Ms. Samyuktha is behind the unparalleled GRE Verbal performance of many GREedge students. She is an excellent instructor and plays a key role in designing GREedge lesson structures and Verbal teaching strategies.
Ms. Nandhini Keerthivasan
Senior Verbal SFA, GREedge
Ms. Nandhini has guided thousands of students to achieve thir Dream scores in GRE Quant. Loved by her students for her constant support and motivation that she offers, Nandhini is the a consummate GRE Trainer.

University shortlisting for Fall 2022 - Know the list of best Universities for your Profile

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24 Jun
07:30 PM
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You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

Which universities are the best choices for your Fall 2022 MS/PhD in US?  Find out how to shortlist the right universities for your profile in this exclusive LIVE webinar. Join our expert as he shares the definitive guide to university shortlisting for your MS in the US. 
Register for this exclusive webinar before all the slots are full!

₹20 Lakh Scholarship from NYU: Nikshith shares his Admission strategy for MS aspirants LIVE

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25 Jun
07:30 PM
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You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

Completing your MS Abroad can be expensive and scholarships are the most efficient way of funding your education!
If you are interested in receiving a scholarship for your MS, this session is just for you. Join us for this special webinar where Nikshith, a graduate from VIT University,  shares his strategies on how to bag scholarships from top universities. With admits from CMU, University of Michigan, NYU, and other top universities, he has cracked the code to top admits & scholarships successfully.
Join him LIVE this Friday and learn about his profile, GRE, application process, admission strategies & and take away some insightful tips to start your application in the right direction.

IELTS in 2021- Strategies to Master the Speaking & Listening sections

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26 Jun
06:00 PM
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You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

Several IELTS aspirants unanimously worry about two sections - The challenging listening section and the One-on-One Speaking Section with an Interviewer.
With all the factors being evaluated such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Coherence and much more, taking the IELTS can be a nerve-wracking experience for many.
As they say, "50% of the war is won in the war room before the war begins and not on the battlefield."
Similarly, understanding the Speaking, dissecting the types of questions and preparing yourself for the most common topics are the first step towards winning a 7.0+ band score in Speaking and Listening.
If you wish to conquer the Speaking and Listening secrions of IELTS, join our experts in this special webinar and the best strategies to improve your performance. 
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