MS in US – Top 10 cities to study in US

Most of the students who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad, finally end up narrowing down their preference to US. How is the United States different from all other countries in terms of higher education?
Students consider a lot of aspects before they finalise on a particular university for MS in US. Different cities in US offer different things for students. They are pulsating, attractive and full of life. Here is the list of top 10 cities in US for students.

10. Dallas

MS in US - Dallas

Being one of the liveliest cities in the US, Dallas has a bunch of inventive and entertaining stuff for students. Dallas is known for its Barbecue, Authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. The trolley rides are absolutely free of charge and it helps students who fancy traveling in and around the exciting city. Life in University of Dallas is simply amazing. You will have the access to health care, recreation, career and counseling, and a number of student organizations.

University of Texas 312
Texas A&M University 315
Rice University 319
Southern Methodist University 305


9. Philadelphia

MS in US - Philadelphia

South to New York City, Philadelphia has many places of historical interest, cultural venues and lots of exciting clubs for students. Philadelphia welcomes around 40 million visitors every year. Reading terminal market is without doubt, one of the best food stops in Philadelphia, for visitors. The food there is amazingly delicious. The city boasts of University of Pennsylvania, which excels in instruction and research in the arts and sciences and in a wide range of professional disciplines. People in Philadelphia are hard-working and inspiring.

Pennsylvania State University 316
Carnegie Mellon University 321
Lehigh University 315
Drexel University 311


8. Ann Arbor, Michigan

MS in US - Michigan

Ann Arbor is a happening city with vibrant musical venues, museums and a variety of theaters for students to explore. The sheer number of opportunities for students in Ann Arbor is too high, as it features an all-embracing educational and recreational society. Zinger-man’s Deli is one of the most tempting place to have your food and it would for sure, delight your soul (Even Obama has visited once!)  The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, is one of the most prestigious institutions in the United States.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 319
Michigan State University 312
Wayne State University 299
University of Michigan, Dearborn 306

7. Austin, Texas

MS in US - Austin, Texas

Austin allows students to walk around, discover and get involved in social, philanthropic and even adventurous events. The University of Texas in Austin has a gorgeous campus. Bullock Texas State History Museum is one of the best in the city for history buffs. The cost of living is comparatively low and you can easily strike a conversation with anyone in the city. There is lot of walking and hiking activities around the city, as the weather is pleasing and enjoyable.

University of Texas, Austin 319
University of Texas, Arlington 301
Texas A&M University, College Station 315
University of Houston 309


6. Chicago

MS in US - Chicago

Dominated by skyscrapers and Lakeside beaches, Chicago is known for its predominant musical heritage. The two reputed universities in Chicago- Northwestern University and University of Chicago, has been a pioneer, educating tons of passionate students from around the world. The city has so much to offer and the public transport is also reliable and cheap. Talking to strangers might be very exciting as people over there are not only loud but friendly. You have plentiful opportunities to get acquainted with the city fast.

University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 320
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 299
Illinois Institute of Technology 306
Northwestern University 317



5. San Francisco

MS in US - San Fransico

San Francisco is one of the very few places in United States that is Vegetarian-Friendly. Dining options are in plenty, with delicious vegetarian food available even in restaurants that serve meat.  One of the best cities for biking, there are beautiful parks in the city that offer a wonderful place for meditation. Stanford University and University of California-Berkeley are some of the finest universities in San Francisco.

California Institute of Technology 326
University of California, Berkeley 322
University of California, San Diego 319
University of California, Los Angeles 319


4. Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Top 10 cities

Los Angeles – Top 10 cities

Abode of Hollywood Movie industry, Los Angeles has a flourishing passion for Literature, fine arts and music. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of Southern California share a great zeal in attracting students to their hometown. One splendid trait of Los Angeles is that, there’s something for every student’s’ budget and favor.

California State University, Los Angeles 305
University of Southern California 314
University of California, San Diego 319
University of California, Los Angeles 319


3. Washington DC

MS in US - Washington DC

With a diverse population and thrilling range of leisure and cultural pursuits, Washington DC offers a lot of variety for students from different parts of the world. Home of the White House and the Supreme Court, it also consist of many National monuments and museums. With a plethora of entertainment features, nightlife is one of the best in Washington DC. You can have fun nights with DJ and a glass of cocktail in places like Adams Morgan and Cafe Asia.

George Washington University 306
Catholic University of America 306
Strayer University 300
Georgetown University 321


2. Ithaca, New York

MS in US - New York

Student-life in New York is an experience of its own. Ranked No.1 for the ethnic food and big restaurants, New York is a paradise for food lovers. With Columbia University and New York University (NYC) topping the league of good universities around the globe, New York garnishes ample opportunities for students who love technology. New York is environmentally friendly, peaceful and clean. The well maintained public transportation can be of a great help to students.

Cornell University 318
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 318
Columbia University 320
New York University 310


1. Boston 

MS in US - Boston

Well known as the hub of academia, Boston boasts of renowned universities like MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University. The Boston common established in 1634 is one of the oldest parks around the world to relax. There is celebration around the city always; that is only because of the sports calendar. In addition to the two Ivy League universities, there are five internationally ranked universities in Boston. Harvard University and Boston Public Library own the most volumes excluding the Library of congress. No wonder it is called “the Athens of America”.

Northeastern University 310
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 314
University of Massachusetts, Boston 300
Tufts University 318


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