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Why is GREedge the best for your Admission Counselling?

Highly Personalized Admission Guidance
Get a dedicated expert's help to take care of all your needs, right from selecting the right universities, applying to them all the way to visa interview counseling and pre-departure information! With GREedge, you'll never feel alone on your quest to your dream admits again!
Expert Analysis on SOP & LOR
Your Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation are documents that play crucial roles in your admissions process, often even helping you tide over minor profile weaknesses. Trust our expert team of editors to polish and draft the best possible version of your SOP and LORs.
Pre-Departure Information
Thoughts of landing up all alone in a foreign land stressing you out? We've got you covered! From finding suitable accommodation to briefing you about your new surroundings, our extensive pre-departure counseling sessions make sure students feel completely at home, in no time!

Support in Financial Documentation
Worried about getting stuck with your study loan, bank statements and other financial documentation you'll need to furnish? Make all that a thing of the past with complete support in getting all of them ready! What's more, get easy & affordable financing for your education too!
Counselling for VISA Interviews
Get ready to tackle any question thrown at you, with extensive mock visa interviews that cover everything - from maintaining proper body language to the kind of answers expected of you. All of this, to ensure you ace your visa interview with confidence.
Profile-Specific University Selection
When it comes to selecting universities, one size does NOT fit all! Experience admissions counseling that's all about YOU. Our experienced counselors will pick the best universities for your profile, ambitions & budget, for the highest acceptance rate to top-notch universities!

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