Letter of Recommendation Overview
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Did you know? According to a report published in 2017 by the Institute of International Education (IIE), a little more than 1 lakh students had applied from
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LOR Common Mistakes
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Getting an LOR ready is not a simple task. In fact, it is one major milestone in your MS application that requires a lot of your time and planning. While
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LOR Format
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How should your LOR be? The letter of recommendation is, and must sound to be a personal encounter and association of the person with you and can also talk
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LOR Guidelines
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Prospective students from India who are planning to pursue a Master’s Degree from the US often struggle with getting the right flavours in their letter of
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LOR Samples
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Let’s consider a well-drafted sample letter of recommendation: “To the Admission CommitteeMr Rajiv Jain is a brilliant student. His academic credentials
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