GRE for Fall 21 - Cut the confusion & secure your future

Are you feeling skeptical about your future? Do you feel it would be better to wait and watch and then decide your MS plans? Or do you think this is the best time for your higher studies?
Before we get into the details, you must know that our knowledge of this area comes from decades of experience in the higher studies market and from our contact with an extensive network of alumni from top US universities. After communicating with them we reached the following conclusion:

“Taking your GRE now and pursuing your Masters in your dream university is the best possible way to secure your future.”

How did we come to this conclusion? Let us elaborate.
  • The US economy will experience a steep growth after a temporary dip
  • High demand for US-educated skilled worker
  • Indian economy & job scenario is going to be a slow lane

The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise:

Headlines are screaming about the massive unemployment in the US, casting doubts on the minds of ambitious students and their families. What they fail to highlight is that this is temporary in nature, with a $2 Tr stimulus package expected to bring things back to normal. If you turn back the clock and analyze the graph you’ll find that in the US, every major economic boom has been preceded by a great economic crisis as exemplified by the period after the Great Depression in the 1930s and the recession in 2009. With more experience and more complex economic measures in place today, there is little doubt that the US, a $21 Tr economy, will be able to get to its feet faster.

Red lines indicate recessions/depression/war

How economic revival impacts STEM Graduates’ job opportunities?

The foundations of the most successful companies today like Microsoft, Apple, Google, HP, Airbnb, and General Motors were laid down during times of great economic uncertainties.

Following similar trends from the past, new opportunities are bound to open up in the upcoming years. After the economic setbacks due to the coronavirus situation, the US will heavily invest in technological & industrial advancement. In a very short span of time, it will open up opportunities in various fields like Automation, Robotics, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical sciences in addition to already hot areas such as AI, ML, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, etc.

With businesses opting to move out of China, there will be an upsurge in indigenous manufacturing plants in the US and its allied countries, employing cutting-edge automation technologies to increase production. What this will do is boost the US’s global trade network while simultaneously addressing the unemployment problem by creating millions of job opportunities. This should be of particular interest to MS aspirants like you as there will be a sharp rise in job opportunities in sectors such as automation and robotics.

Now that you know all this, what should you be doing?

Why not make a safe choice for my future?

As you contemplate, you may be drawn to the suggestions of your parents and relatives who suggest you take up something in India. We are sure they are all well-intentioned at heart, you also need to listen to the mind, by carefully analyzing and making a considered decision. Is following your career in India the best option you have in the next few years?

Let’s look at that from an employment opportunity and economic perspective -

Even before the current crisis, the Indian economy was already facing several challenges. To make matters worse, the Coronavirus situation has pulled off an almost unseen negative growth in economic output. Negative growth in economic output = Loss of jobs, no growth, and promotions. Economic reserves of companies are drying up faster as a result of which jobs are getting slashed left, right, and center. Even students from good universities across India are unable to find any jobs after graduation. With companies struggling to generate revenue, the Indian economy is in a bothersome spot.

Don’t ignore your destiny

While just waiting for things to go back to normal might seem like a nice option, it might also backfire on your own ambitions. Aspirants who are free of any doubts at this very moment are actively preparing to secure admits from the top US universities. Many are carefully building their profile, preparing for GRE, taking up courses, and building their resume. We are sure you don’t want to be left behind. It’s high time to come out of this state of inactivity and start preparing for your future. Eventually, when normalcy returns, you might not only be too late to start but you might also find yourself considerably behind the competition. Whereas finishing your GRE prep and having a 320+ score puts you in a better position than your competition.

How taking GRE now puts you in a better position?

The lockdowns and subsequent shut down of universities around the country have put students like you in a precarious position. There is a high level of uncertainty about many things like the rescheduling of your semester exams. However, you can make the most efficient use of this time by preparing and taking your GRE.

As can be seen from the graphic above, deadlines of the best universities in the US come with a stringent deadline. Waiting for your semester exams before GRE can put you at imminent risk of losing the university deadlines. Why keep your GRE for the last days before the deadline? Prepare for your GRE now and stay ready for the future with a 320+ score.

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