Thinking about GRE but unclear on what to expect? Here’s a list of eBooks carefully curated by our experts! It contains tips & techniques to common GRE prep problems that students face, based on training 33,000+ students! Flip through a couple of pages & see what you discover!

GREedge eBook - How to master DI?

When you hear the phrase “problem area for Quant”, what do you think? If Data Interpretation is the first thing that popped in your head, then here’s an eBook to help you change that!


Ultimate Guide to Crack GRE Verbal

Most of you might face hurdles while preparing for the Verbal section of GRE. Cramming up hundreds of GRE words and remembering them might seem difficult, but it can be done with the help of right preparation strategies.


Intro to GRE

Looking at pursuing Master’s as a future career option? Here’s your quick starter guide with A to Z about GRE. Starting with the syllabus, section wise distribution of topics, different types of questions and even some sample questions to help you get a feel of the GRE.


Different Types of Quant Questions

Every war is won before it’s even fought! The GRE Quant is no lesser than any battle. Whether you want to improve your Quant score or score a perfect 170, here’s important types of Quant questions that you should master!


Examples in RC?

If you’ve finished reading “How to Crack Tough RC Passages”, then here’s your second edition! How can you make your GRE RC practice effective? By looking at these examples and then solving your own!


How to score above 4 in AWA?

An advanced writing guide for GRE aspirants who wish to write the perfect Issue & Argument essay. With writing templates, sample structures and answers, this eBook will have you scoring above 4 in your AWA in no time!


How to master Probability?

What is the probability that you will find what you need in this eBook? The answer to that would be 1. If you understood that, then here’s a detailed guide on one of the major problem areas for GRE aspirants - probability.


How to learn words?

What is the best way to remember all the GRE words? A question that frets every GRE aspirant.With intensive research, GREedge has designed a unique method to remember all GRE words effectively. Forget the pain of mugging up GRE words today with this eBook!


How to crack tough RCs?

Did you know that different types of RC passages require different types of reading? Here’s a complete breakdown of how you should approach RC passages to save time and yet answer accurately!

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