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GRE Coaching by Student Facilitators and Analysts (SFAs)

Shape your GRE score with a personal trainer at no extra cost. At a gym, you have to pay extra for a personal trainer focused on your fitness needs. GREedge, the Online Academy, offers each student GRE coaching by Student Facilitators and Analysts (SFAs) as part of the package.

SFAs' training method

During your GRE preparation, your SFAs offer you in-depth GRE coaching based on your preparation needs using Millisecond Monitoring Technology, phone calls, and emails. The SFAs are a vital part of the Online Academy for their ability to combine their passion to teach with information technology and create a learning environment that enhances your GRE performance.

The SFAs provide you GRE coaching in

  • English and Verbal Reasoning (which includes Analytical writing) and
  • Maths and Quantitative Reasoning

Your SFAs' responsibilities

During your GRE program, your GRE Coaching is your SFA's utmost priority. Your SFAs' journey with you begins the moment you express interest in joining GREedge and their dedication unflagging during the entire duration of your GRE preparation.

Here is a list of their primary duties that highlights the importance of personal trainers in your GRE journey.

  • Orient you on Online Training

Your SFAs will provide you with detailed assistance on the different features of the Online Training process. With their guidance, you can begin your online GRE coaching the right way.

  • Analyze your Diagnostic Test

Your SFAs understand where you stand in your GRE preparation, your specific GRE needs and offer customized GRE coaching using your diagnostic test results.

  • Create a Personalized Study Plan

Your SFAs develop your GRE skills based on their expert assessment of your orientation and diagnostic test. Using the personalized study plan offered by your SFAs is an assured ploy for a high GRE score.

  • Provide feedback

Your SFAs analyze every practice session report generated by the Learning Tracker and send you a feedback. Successful GRE coaching depends not just on their feedback but also your willingness to apply their comments in your future GRE learning.

  • Offer GRE Tips and Techniques

Your SFAs will share tips and techniques that will improve your GRE performance. They also ensure you understand how to use them and provide you with enough GRE coaching to master them.

  • Monitor your Inactivity and alert if needed

Your SFAs keep tabs on you through the Learning Tracker and if you are lagging in your GRE preparation, they will send alerts through E-Mails, SMSes or even phone calls. As your GRE date nears, your SFAs will also provide you with wake up calls, alerts and reminders if you need it.





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