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GRE practice using Learning Tracker

Congratulations! Your GRE practice is about to get much easier with the Learning Tracker.

As a student of GREedge, the Learning Tracker will be your tool for a high GRE score.

What is The Learning Tracker

The Learning Tracker, simply put, is a smart online textbook that has the complete required materials for GRE practice and study. It contains all your Online Lessons - GRE practice sessions, feedback on GRE practice, clarified doubts and performance reports. It reports on your GRE practice to your Student Facilitators and Analysts (SFAs) and it is powered by GREedge's Millisecond Monitoring Technology that adapts lessons to your learning speed and ability.

Learning Tracker Design

Each page comes equipped with Lesson List in a panel on the extreme left so you can click to proceed to GRE practice and study at any moment. The design of every aspect is to enhance your GRE practice. 

Navigate The Learning Tracker:


  • Getting Started - A navigational guide on Learning Tracker Features
  • Progress Report - A detailed view of your progress in your GRE practice in the learning session and tests
  • Score Booster Fellowship - Application form with eligibility details to get financial aid for GRE training
  • Success Stories - True testimonials from GREedge's Students on Boosting GRE Scores



Update your info just as you would on any social networking site. But don't worry, this information is not made public. It helps your counselors at GREedge understand you and your GRE needs.

Orientation Questionnaire


21 detailed questions need to be answered when you enroll to give your SFAs a better idea of how you can achieve your target GRE score. SFAs use this to understand your target, current state of preparation, and any other specific concerns. SFAs also use your response to create a personalized study plan.

Study Plan

Study plan.png

Based on your orientation questionnaire and diagnostic test result, your SFAs will create your study plan. It shows you how many weeks you should spend on each section and breaks down your entire GRE practice and preparation into achievable targets.

Ask a Doubt

Ask a doubt.png

Any time during your lesson, click on Ask a Doubt to raise any GRE related doubts. From our extensive database, similar queries from other students will be provided to you along with clarification from our experts.

Solved DoubtsSolved doubts.png

Keep track of doubts and questions during GRE practice and revisit those GRE sections if needed.

Progress Report

progress report.png

A link to the Home Page with your progress report can help you track your GRE progress.

Quality Bell

Quality bell.png

If you have any serious quality related issues, mail the Managing Director of with a solemn promise of privacy and speedy response.


  • Contact us - Email us on any other issues or doubts you have
  • FAQ - browse through the FAQ for all your GREedge related queries

Other Features

  • Clock - Choose between a digital clock or analog and keep an eye on time during GRE Practice
  • Tell a Friend - Recommend GREedge to a friend who deserves and needs it for GRE
  • Videos - Click to watch Live Online Seminar videos on GRE practice and preparation
  • Tech Support - Fix any Learning Tracker related issues
  • Features - Obtain keyboard shortcuts for the Learning Tracker for faster use


Check out the Learning Tracker for yourself!



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