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GRE Preparation in an Online Academy

GREedge, an Online Academy for GRE preparation, has helped over 30,000 students score better in the GRE.

Traditional GRE preparation

There are 3 options:

Self Study - Using GRE preparation books or free GRE sites on the Internet

Classroom Coaching - Attending GRE coaching classes

Personal Tutor - Hiring a personal tutor for GRE

Students list these three parameters as deciding factors in choosing their method of GRE preparation.

  • Personalization – Individual attention for your GRE preparation
  • Convenience – Option to study whenever and wherever you want
  • Cost – How much quality GRE preparation costs




Modern GRE Preparation

Taking the personalization offered by a personal tutor, adding the convenience of self study and highlighting cost equal to classroom coaching results in New Methodology.

Introduction of a New Methodology





GREedge - an online academy for GRE preparation uses new methodology to help students in their GRE preparation.

Advantages of Online Training

  • The software used by GREedge adapts itself - your GRE preparation focuses on your GRE ability
  • An Online Academy offers you the freedom to learn anywhere and anytime - through your PC or Internet Enabled Mobile Phones
  • GREedge is focused on your GRE success without draining your wallet - learn as though you have hired a personal tutor
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