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There are a variety of materials/ GRE study guides and options available for GRE preparation. Based on your stage of GRE preparation the choice of study material will vary. Every GRE aspirant can be categorized under the below 3 stages and according we can look at the study material they will be looking for:

Stranger stage
Books with the necessary theory, practice questions, and a few full-length tests. Students who are yet to start GRE preparation fall under this category.

Acquaintance stage
Online test series is the next door where GRE aspirants familiarize themselves with the different types of GRE topics. They are not yet ready to take the GRE.

Friend stage
GRE aspirants use Online materials with the necessary theory, practice questions, and a few full-length tests. At this stage they take GRE preparation more seriously.

It’s a popular misconception that one can prepare for GRE simply by taking a number of tests. That is not correct. Unless sound conceptual foundations and problem-solving skills are developed in Quant, it is futile to take many tests. Similarly, strong vocabulary and reading skills are necessary to perform well in the Verbal Reasoning section. Here again, some students are under the impression that this section of GRE is only about mastering words. No! The Verbal section requires strong skills in reading, vocabulary, and logical reasoning. Apart from Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, GRE has an Analytical Writing section. This requires skills in argumentative writing.So, when you evaluate GRE study guides or study materials, you need to verify the source and make sure it is authentic, well-researched, and designed as per ETS standards.

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GRE Study Guides/ materials should also be complete and comprehensive

The Verbal section needs to have:
Wordlists, vocabulary tests, and excellent aids such as vocabulary-building apps, as a minimum vocabulary of about two thousand words needs to be built.
Modules that help develop Reading skills.
Modules that help develop Verbal Reasoning skills for each of the question types.
Adequate number of questions to develop accuracy.
For the Quantitative section:
The material should comprehensively cover all the necessary theory, concepts, and problem-solving tricks for all the topics relevant to GRE.
It should have adequate number of questions on all topics and all question types that gives you adequate exposure to the Quant section.
For Analytical Writing section:
The material should expose you to the two types of essays and the general expectations.
Apart from this, you will need to write a good number of essays and get them evaluated from a language expert.

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The GRE study material or guides should include a number of GRE mock tests and full-length tests:
The tests should help you know where you stand with respect to your target score so that you can continuously benchmark yourself.
There should be elaborate explanations for you to know how each question was solved using the shortest method in Quant, or how logic and reasoning were applied in solving a Verbal question.
Preferably, support for help with your doubts and personalized feedback of your performance in the tests, with guidance to help you improve in your weak areas.
Once you have the right material, you may choose to self-study or avail training through classrooms or online academies, if you feel the need for expert support to:
Provide you personalized feedback.
Help you plan your preparation with a personalized study-plan.
Answer your doubts.
Get trained on some difficult topics in a live session.

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Pulkit Verma
GRE Score - 325 Quant - 170 | Verbal - 155
What I really liked about GRE Edge was their SFAs (Student Facilitator and Analysts). Every student is assigned two SFAs when they enroll for the program and they help in keeping track of your progress during the preparations.
Uruba Andaleeb
GRE Score - 307 Quant - 157 | Verbal - 150
GREedge made GRE way simpler! With so many materials available to prepare for GRE, it was so confusing for me. But GREedge gave me a proper direction, and it was an amazing experience. I would recommend this program to any GRE aspirant.
Rahul Reddy
GRE Score - 320 Quant - 164 | Verbal - 156
Opening the GREedge learning tracker excited me every day. It's because it is designed in such a way that it engages students in it and urges them to complete their tasks daily and regularly. It was systematic and personalized. Good work design team :)
Abishek Surya
GRE Score - 310 Quant - 155 | Verbal - 155
I never felt alone with GREedge. It was fascinating to see my trainers be as passionate about my ambitions and goals as much as I am! It’s like they’ve got your back, and they want to make it happen for you. I did not have to feel stressed about it.
Ayush Malhotra
GRE Score - 332 Quant - 170 | Verbal - 162
My overall experience was quite good. My SFAs were prompt in their responses. My doubts were clarified in a day or two. I would attribute my success to my SFAs, and the content provided by GREedge. It was really nice and helped me a lot.
Siddharth Debnath
GRE Score - 316 Quant - 164 | Verbal - 152
GREedge is pretty good for preparation for GRE. I was given a study plan to suit my timetable and needs. I really liked the flexibility this program provided as opposed to classroom coaching. I think it gives the best value for money.

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