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Code to TU-9 Universities: How to get an MS Admit in Germany?

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29 Jan
08:30 PM
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Dear MS Aspirant,

Are you dreaming of pursuing your MS in Germany?

Did you know that the top 51% of engineers in Germany graduate from TU-9 universities?

In fact, 15% of TU-9 student population comprises of international students & scientists in Germany.

Do you also aspire to study in the prestigious TU-9 in Germany?

Then, here's a special Expert Online Seminar just for you!

We'll be:
1) Analysing 5 student profiles that have received TU-9 admits.
2) Explaining the various criteria required to secure a TU-9 admit
3) Revealing a step-by-step procedure that you should follow to achieve a TU-9 admit yourself!

Get all the information you need in one place!

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Fall 2021: Different Type of Scholarships & How to get Them?

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30 Jan
07:00 PM
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Can you have your cake and eat it too?

What I mean is, can you achieve your dream admit and get scholarships?

Did you know that GREedge Alumnus, Bargav Sampath obtained a scholarship for USD 18,322 with just a 298 in GRE? How did he get the scholarship?

While getting scholarships is not an exact science, there are some steps that you can follow to increase your chances! What are they? Find out in our online seminar about scholarships.

Discuss with our GRE & admissions expert about scholarships on:

  • Different types of scholarships!
  • GRE scores and other criteria required for scholarships!
  • How can you apply for scholarships?

  • Register now to interact with our scholarships expert and get complete clarity on how to proceed further!

    MS in Canada: 10 Universities you can still apply to!

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    30 Jan
    08:30 PM
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    With Canada fast emerging as a hot favorite among Indian students pursuing higher studies abroad, what are the best courses you ought to target?

    Make an informed choice with the full scoop on:

    • Top Canadian institutions,
    • Tuition fees & scholarship options
    • Skill-shortages list and
    • top courses that can lead to PR in Canada

    Know more about all these and why Indian students are flocking to this scenic North American nation,

    apart from the obvious reasons like lower cost of education, high quality of life and great career opportunities!

    This is your exclusive invite to a FREE expert webinar on “Top Canadian Courses for International Students

    Fall 2020: Universities that are LOW on requirements but HIGH on Opportunities

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    31 Jan
    07:00 PM
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    Selecting universities for your Master's is no easy feat.

    You have to consider your past academic history, present profile and your future career aspirations while also weighing the post-study opportunities each university provides.

    Aaaaand, it also has to fit in your budget!

    Phew! Sounds exhausting just thinking about it, doesn't it?

    Fret not, as our admission experts have put together a specific list of universities that offer high-quality education but ask very little of you in return!

    Join our Admissions Expert in a Special Online Seminar, where we will discuss:
    How to look for universities that best suit your profile.
    The exclusive list of Fall '20 universities that are highly research-centric but extremely affordable.
    Application requirements of these universities & easy steps to increase your admission chances.

    With deadlines approaching in just a couple of weeks, don't miss this highly requested webinar!

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    GRE 2020: The Engineer's 100-Day Study Plan for a 320+ Score

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    31 Jan
    08:30 PM
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    You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

    Is it possible to cross the GRE finish line in just 3 Months?

    Our expert webinar can show you how to improve your GRE preparation in just 3 Months.
    Attend this webinar to upgrade your GRE preparation by learning tips, tricks and strategies to manage your time and maximize your score.

    Fall 2020: Top 10 Universities with Deadlines in February, March & April

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    1 Feb
    05:00 PM
    Webinar will start in:
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    As an MS Aspirant, if you're targeting Fall 2020, you must be taking your GRE very soon.

    But what about your admission process?

    There are many universities with upcoming deadlines, especially for Fall 2020.

    Want to find out which university deadline is coming up for your course?

    Attend our exclusive webinar, where we cover:
    1. Deadlines for popular courses and universities
    2. How to target a top admit early
    3. How to get scholarships
    Save yourself a seat now. Limited seats only.

    Track to TAMU: Ananya's GRE 328 & four top admits

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    1 Feb
    08:00 PM
    Webinar will start in:
    You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.

    Have you started preparing for GRE & targeting a 320+ score?
    Want to know a way by which you can achieve it in just 3-4 months, that too, spending just 1-2 hours every day? 
    Meet 328 Scorer, Ananya, a working professional for an IT consultancy firm, who could barely spend any time during the weekdays for her GRE preparation.
    In fact, she says,
    "Time crunch was my biggest challenge during the preparation phase. I have no fixed work schedule as such. There were days when I had to work at the office for 13-14 hours at a stretch and would be too enervated by the end of the day to focus on GRE preparation."
    So, how did she manage to overcome her GRE difficulties when she wasn't able to spend enough time to fix them!
     Join us this Saturday, 1st Feb at 8 PM in an Exclusive Guest Seminar with 328 Scorer, Ananya on how to:
    1) Chalk out time for your stronger & weaker areas.
    2) Learn GRE concepts quickly & effectively
    3) Practice questions to avoid silly mistakes, especially in Quants.
    4) Build GRE verbal skills especially for word learning & RC
    & much more!
    [BONUS]: All webinar attendees will get Ananya's 2 hour/day study plan for a 328, absolutely FREE!
    Register now.


    The structure of the programmes offered impressed me the most. They are flexible and fit my requirements.

    Online GRE Preparation: A Checklist for Selection

    The only reason to take the GRE is to get a good GRE score.
    A good GRE score is essential for admissions to Master’s and Doctoral programs in many countries, including the U.S.
    Many view an admit to a prestigious university as a "VISA to success"—a road map to the highest levels in industry.
    The CEOs of Adobe, Google, and Microsoft and thousands of successful professionals, professors, and entrepreneurs attest to this simple strategy of progress in life and career. Thousands of engineers and technologists who made fuel cells, drones, mobile phones, semiconductor factories, software products, and advanced medicines and drugs were all beneficiaries of the powerful selection of higher talent through the GRE score.
    Since the only purpose of taking the GRE is to get the best possible GRE score, it is good to understand what really drives and pushes the GRE score up. In fact, that requires us to understand what GRE preparation is. Online research and study on GRE preparation shows that GRE is a test of skills and abilities in verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.
    The only way to get a good GRE score is through good preparation for GRE.
    Since the time of inception of the GRE in the late 1940s, many test preparation services and classes have sprouted.
    In the last few years, online GRE preparation is becoming the standard way of GRE preparation. After all, online and mobile are anywhere and everywhere, especially in the modern day. Online GRE preparation, from a good quality provider, can not only track and motivate but also continuously improve one's GRE score and reduce the time required for GRE preparation.
    The primary areas of GRE Verbal and GRE Quant require graded exercises and tutorials to improve the level of skill. Improved skill results in higher accuracy of solving problems and answering multiple-choice questions. Improved skill also leads to faster rate of answering questions. In the end, good online GRE preparation enables measurement of both the speed and accuracy of answering and demonstrating GRE skills. This is one of the biggest advantages of online GRE preparation compared to any other means.
    Many providers simply offer a website or videos or a few pdf files online and try to present themselves as sources of online GRE preparation. However, not all of them are capable of improving your scores. Very few can teach differently for different students, aptly addressing their individual difficulties and strengths.
    A high quality, student-oriented online GRE preparation will offer you the following:
    Vast and well-edited content:
    GRE lessons and GRE materials that help your online GRE preparation completely.
    Unique teaching and training methods:
    For each topic, each type of student, and for various parts of the online GRE preparation, such as word learning, reading comprehension, data interpretation etc. It not only addresses the needs of high score aspirants, but also helps those with trouble in math, difficulties in reading, etc.
    Extensive GRE practice tests :
    at different levels of difficulty and for different stages of the online GRE preparation.
    Analysis and feedback to improve GRE scores:
    Good firms continuously invest in technology to evaluate their students.
    Support and facilitation:
    With someone to follow, track, and help you improve—all online; someone who loves to see you do better and is concerned about your GRE score. You should be able to speak to and exchange messages with this facilitator.
    A quality management system:
    The GRE challenges of different students can be different. A good online GRE preparation method will have multiple quality system features and points of touch. A quality management system ensures that each student's problem is individually addressed. Each student's problems and difficulties are individually listened to, understood, and acted upon.
    A willingness to educate you:
    Anyone who cares obviously will offer this support. It takes a lot of time, effort, money, and preparation—but concern for students taking up the GRE and higher studies journey should motivate them to provide this additional support.
    Proof of past performance and success:
    Online GRE preparation methods are developed and perfected over time. As for proof, look at what past students say. In fact, look for hundreds or thousands of them.
    This is, in fact, a mini-checklist for selecting a suitable online GRE preparation course.
    Wish you all the best for a smooth and effortless GRE preparation. Like many, if you are choosing online GRE preparation, we hope this checklist would be useful to you.
    For more queries, doubts, or information ask: Mention "Online GRE Preparation—A Query" in the subject line
    You can also check the features of, online training programs against the checklist provided above.
    With 33000+ students and aspects like Wall of Fame with more than a thousand 320+ scorers, personal SFA (Student Facilitator & Analyst), Learning Tracker, Millisecond "ScoreBooster" Technology, and a sophisticated individualized study planning process, GREedge promises to help each student with online GRE preparation according to their target score, current readiness level, time remaining for their GRE, and time constraints on a daily basis.
    Wish you all the best for your GRE!

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