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Aiming for a high GRE score? Use GREedge's patent pending GRE software and boost your GRE score. GREedge uses different GRE software across its online academy to propel you towards a higher GRE score.

Millisecond Monitoring Technology

The name says it all. As you prepare for your GRE using the learning tracker, millisecond monitoring technology is a GRE software that watches over your every move.

Think of it as an incredibly attentive teacher caring only for you.

  • Your every move on the Learning Tracker is analyzed for academic and time management data.
  • Your Student Facilitator and Analysts (SFAs) gain insight into your learning pattern from its accurate analysis and provide pertinent feedback for improvement.
  • Your study plan is customized according to your learning pattern. In short, like a dedicated teacher, it challenges or motivates you.

Insta Doubt Technology

During your online GRE prep, when you have doubts, clear them using the GRE software "Insta Doubt". Using "Insta Doubt" installed on the Learning Tracker is as easy as raising your hand to ask a doubt in class. Simply click on the "Insta Doubt" button and get your query answered.

  • Without navigating away from your lesson, Insta Doubt, searches our extensive student doubt database for a clarification. If yours is a doubt similar to one that's already been asked, the answer is offered to you immediately.
  • In case, yours is a new doubt, the question and its clarification is fed into the database for future students using "Insta Doubt".
  • If your doubt has not been sufficiently cleared, you have the “Ask a Doubt” option. Raise the same doubt using "Ask a Doubt" and your SFAs will give you the clarification in one working day.

Real time Adaptive Technology

In the course of your GREedge program, you'll be writing Full-Length GRE online tests to practice for high GRE scores. The Learning Tracker uses GRE software to grill you with adaptive full length tests. Its like writing the actual GRE!

  • The test adapts the difficulty level based on your section-wise performance
  • The test is in real time with breaks between sections
  • The test has the revised pattern features: for example, Online calculator, Mark for Review etc.

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