GRE Word lists and Word list related online Apps

"Is there a prescribed GRE word list?" ask students. ETS does not prescribe an official word list. GRE's verbal section contains words the ETS thinks should be familiar to graduates from course work or additional reading. GREedge offers apps to learn words more efficiently.

1. Theme based GRE Word learning

Knowing approximately 4000+ words guarantees a higher verbal score in GRE. However, it can be daunting to learn over 4000 words especially if they are unfamiliar. A theme based GRE word list is an easier way to understand and retain new words.
Important or high frequency words are marked for quick revision. Prioritize these if you are running out of time
Listen to the pronunciation of the word
Read statements or small paragraphs from online articles that use the word and try to guess the meaning before viewing the flash card that lists the details

2. Word lists in GREedge Learning Tracker

The learning tracker contains interactive online sessions - each session is based on 23-25 focus words and is arranged in increasing order of importance. Learn focus words along with synonyms and antonyms.
An interactive vocabulary test will assess your grasp of the words. To access these sessions, login to your learning tracker and locate the GRE word list in your Lesson List.

3. Word Bot

You can learn new words easily by remembering pictures associated with the word.
Word Bot is a browser-based app that works on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.Use your GREedge username and password to log in.
There is no need for any installation. You can just open the above link from any browser from any device and all your learning data will be saved in servers, allowing you to learn seamlessly across devices.You can Learn, Revise and Test your understanding of words.
WordBot makes you learn, practice and revise the words you have learned! WordBot keeps a track of your level of mastery on different words and creates personalized word lists based on your performance in the tests and the days elapsed since you last revised a word.
The tests are designed for contextual understanding of the words, keeping the nature of GRE questions in mind. There are different types of test designed with GRE in mind, specifically the Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence question types.
Test for Remembrance (tests if you are able to recollect the word)
Test of Usage (tests if you can apply the word in the right context)
Test of Synonyms and Antonyms
You can learn the words in a random order or you can learn them Theme-wise. Wordbot generates statistics of your learning and mastery, which you can use for tracking your progress.
Words are conveniently organized into lists of size 300. List 6,7 contain GRE words that are important from the perspective of RC and List 5 contains words important from the perspective of TC/SE.
The Application has a game-like feel for stress-free learning, yet is quite powerful. Please take a few minutes to read the FAQ available on the top (left) to know all the features that will help your preparation.

4. The GRE Word locator

In the new pattern of the GRE, it is not enough if you just know the meaning of the word, it is also equally important to know the situations or contexts in which the word is used.
Therefore, it is best if you encounter a new word while reading a real life article which contains that word.
This GRE Word Locator app allows you to feed in an article that you are reading, and identifies all the GRE words in the article.It gives a flash card for the word with its meaning, usage and part of speech.
You can thus learn words in an interesting manner, and at the same time improve your reading skills. This will help you in Reading Comprehension as well. Also, the ideas that you get from reading will help you in writing good essays in the AWA section.
Apart from the articles that you feed into the App, we have also loaded many editorial like articles on various subjects such as politics, society, personality etc. to provide a wide exposure to various topics. We have also loaded a few stories with GRE words.
Use this app, especially, if you tired of memorizing words passively from wordlists.
When you learn words,
apart from the meaning of the word, understand the contextual usage of the word.
understand how the word differs from another word with near similar meaning.

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