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Focus GRE Program with 2 personal trainers get you the score you want!
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Personal trainers by your side, conquer the GRE

Meet the motivated mentors who have encouraged & inspired more than 50000 students to score beyond their expectations. Start your preparations alongside your personal mentors & get the SFA advantage today.
  Get the support of 2 dedicated SFAs
Not every student learns the same way. With the help of both your Quant & Verbal SFAs, overcome your weaknesses. SFAs motivate, support and inspire you to achieve your dream score.
  Study plan to help you prepare everyday
Finding it difficult to devote long hours everyday? Your SFAs will design a study plan that will suit your schedule and also make sure you're on track with your preparation.
  Doubt clarification & constant motivation
Get all your doubts clarified and also get a healthy dose of encouragement that will push you to work harder and score better.
Quant SFA
Verbal SFA
Quant SFA
Verbal SFA
Verbal SFA
Quant SFA
and many more...

Prepare smart with the Learning Tracker

Experience the revolutionary method of learning concepts with the advanced learning interface, Learning Tracker.
Learning Tracker (LT) is powered with Millisecond Monitoring Technology that helps you track your performance. By analyzing your mistakes LT helps you turn your weaknesses into strength & helps you score better in your GRE.

Set down the tracks to your 320+ score

Get onboard Focus GRE program & zoom past your competition

  •   Two Personal Trainers (Verbal & Quant)
  •   Essential Lessons & Practice
  •   Advanced Lessons & Practice
  •   45 Days Validity
  •   Minimum of 90 Hours of Practice
  •   GRE Style Tests (Verbal)—6
  •   GRE Style Tests (Quant)—6
  •   Full-Length Tests—3

Focus GRE


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Road to top GRE score
What happens after you enroll?

Features GREedge Magoosh Kaplan Manhattan
2 Personal Trainers
Personalized Study Plan
Performance-based smart Feedback
Performance monitoring calls for score improvement
Dedicated Word learning App
Expert AWA assessments
Full-Length Tests
GRE Style Tests - Verbal & Quants


Frequently asked questions

1) Can I enroll now & start later?
Yes. after enrolling with us you can schedule a call with your SFA for orientation. In that, you can tell them when you wish to begin your preparation. Based on your preference and availability your study plan will be made accordingly.
2) Who is an SFA?
SFAs or Student Facilitator Analysts are personal mentors who will guide you throughout your preparation. They will be making your study-plan personalized, clearing your doubts, giving feedback after each lesson or test, and help you reach your target score.
3) How does the Study-plan feature work?
After the orientation discussion with your SFA, your study plan will be created based on your availability and schedule. In case you are not able to follow it, you can change it after discussing it with your SFA.
4) How will my doubts get cleared?
For all doubts, you’ll have 24X7 access to the “Ask a doubt” feature in your Learning Tracker. On posting doubts there, your SFAs will clear them swiftly within one working day.
5) Is 45-day validity a fixed one?
You have the option to extend your program after your validity expires for a fixed period with a nominal fee.

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