327 in GRE: Top scorer Sudarshan shares his study plan and Strategies

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Game Changing Strategies for 325+ Score

Study plan and Important GRE Topics for a Higher Score

The Perfect GRE & Admissions Timeline to follow

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Are you targeting a 320+ score in your GRE?
Want to know how you can achieve it? Learn it from someone who has achieved the same.
Meet 327 Scorer, Sudarshan, a working professional who in spite of his tight work schedule, managed to score big in his GRE. 
Join Sudarshan, in an exclusive seminar where he shares:
His Study plan and prep methods for a top GRE score
Important topics that can yield a perfect score in Quants
Proven techniques to build your vocabulary and remember words for a long time 
Secrets to cracking tough RC passages, including daily tips.
Time management tricks to spend your time as efficiently as possible,
and much more.
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3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

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