Breaking Backlogs: Sanjali’s strategy to 6 top admits with $24,000 scholarships

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How to overcome a low GRE score and backlogs?

Application strategy for Scholarships

How to Draft admit winning SOP?

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Want to Overcome Low GRE, Low GPA and Backlogs?

If you have a 291 GRE score, a 5.9 GPA and two backlogs—what would you do?
Many would give up on their MS dreams—but Sanjali did not!
An anxious B.Tech from Pune, she clung to her MS dreams and applied despite her backlogs, low GPA and 291 GRE score.
And astonishingly acceptance emails poured in.
She got admits into 6 top universities including Northeastern University (Boston Campus), Illinois Institute of Technology (Mies Campus), California State University (Los Angeles) and 3 more top admits.
Not just this she also received $24,000 in scholarships.
Join Live to learn about:
  1. Overcoming backlogs or low GRE scores
  2. Strategies to follow if your GPA is low
  3. How to draft SOPs that get admits
    and more.
[PS] This isn’t just any other Guest webinar, this is going to be “THE GUEST WEBINAR” that breaks the myth behind backlogs and low GRE scores.
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