Code to Ivy league + Scholarships: Review of 5 Student profiles

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Important Steps Between You & Your Dream Admit

Ideal GRE Preparation Timeline You Should Follow

Application Process For Admits & Scholarships

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Achieving your dream admit may seem like a complicated process, considering the various things you need to get right:

GRE Score. Priority Deadline. Research/Work Experience...

But what is right combination of factors that can help you achieve your goal?

More importantly, what's the perfect timeline that you should follow for top admits?
Should you start your GRE preparation now or can you afford to postpone it by a couple of months?

How can you use your upcoming semester vacations wisely to your advantage?

Answering these questions & putting your doubts to rest, this Live Online Seminar aims to guide you on your GRE & Admissions, from start to finish!

From where you are to your dream university admit in just 7 steps!


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3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

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