MS in Data Science, MIS & Business Analytics: Top 10 Universities, GRE & Profile Requirements

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Updated Admission Requirements For Top Universities Worldwide

Handpicked University List For MS in Machine Learning, Robotics & Artifical Intelligence

Step-By-Step Application Process To Get An Top MS Admit for Fall 19!

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In the recent times, there are a few buzzwords that have caught every engineer's attention, particularly Computer Science and ECE graduates.

Can you guess what they are?

That's right, Data Science, Business Analytics & Management Information System!

If you're one such enthusiast who's looking to gain a formal understanding in these fields, we have got just what you need!

In an Expert Online Seminar, we'll be highlighting some of the key differences in MS in Data Science, Business Analytics & Management Information System. including,
1. Popular Research Areas in MS in Data Science,Business Analytics & Management Information System.
2. Best Universities you can't miss for MS in Data Science,Business Analytics & Management Information System.
3. Ideal profile requirements for admission into top universities

[BONUS]: We'll also be talking about the types of scholarships that are available to you and how you can enhance your profile to secure funding!

Join us and get all the information you need to understand the best path for your MS.

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3 Proven Steps

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