MS in UK: Courses, Deadlines and Funding options

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"UK: A land of Opportunities for MS Aspirants"


“International students will be able to stay and work in the UK for two years after graduating...”


This announcement was made by the UK PM, Boris Johnson on Sept. 11.

With this new policy, every student gets a 2-year Visa extension, whether they have a job or not.

It seeks to bring in more international students for higher studies & jobs.


But with rolling deadlines of most UK universities, choosing the best for you becomes a challenge. 


For Fall 2020, there are around 15000+ courses and each of them have 

  • individual deadlines
  • application process, &
  • specific profile requirements 

be it University of Leeds, University of Cambridge or University of Manchester.


In this exclusive webinar with our MS expert, get a step-by-step guide on the complete admission process and the profile that you will require to get an admit in the top universities.

Hurry, London's calling!

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3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

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