UC Berkeley, Cornell & 5 other Dream Admits: Ajay Pillai shares how he made it possible

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His strategies to get into 7 top Universities

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With a single dream in mind to pursue an MS degree from the best Universities in the world, Ajay set out for his study abroad journey. He wanted nothing but the best and has tasted success in style. UC Berkeley, Cornell University, Northwestern University, Purdue University are among his 7 top Admits. 
In this LIVE webinar he shares his journey from scratch and what made him stand out to get admits from the likes of Cornell, Purdue, Northwestern and University of California, Berkeley! 
No matter where you are in your journey, it’s never too late to take a little dose of inspiration from someone who was once at your place so join us for this insightful discussion. 
Join Ajay Pillai LIVE and get to know his strategies that enabled him to get his dream admits. 
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