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GREedge Reviews

Indranil Chakraborty,
From IIT Bombay and scored 331 (Quant: 170; Verbal: 161) in GRE

One of my friends had suggested GREedge as an option for my GRE preparations. I loved the congenial behaviour of the GREedge Team. My experience with GREedge has been really good. I had joined the Fast Track GRE program and I feel that the GRE style tests offered had really good questions that helped me in my preparations.
The feedback I received from my SFA’s was really helpful. The promptness of replies to my doubts was commendable.

Overall, I would say GREedge was the most important factor in my GRE preparations. 

Suresh K,
From Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur and scored 327 (Quant: 168; Verbal: 159) in GRE

I did not have peers or any friends for discussion or guidance. I needed a good guide for my preparation. I happened to see one of the YouTube videos of a high scorer, and that was when i knew it was the right solution to my problem.

Personally, it was morally very supportive to be part of GREedge. I myself was not sure if i can get into a good school, or for that matter first a good score, I had no benchmarking for myself. So in such a confused state, my experience with GREedge was one which is quite uplifting and cherishing.

The moral support from SFA's mattered a lot in my case. They had more confidence in me than I had on myself and they kept telling me I am capable of getting more. Verbal was my weak area from the beginning, my Verbal SFA has done some extremely helpful analysis of all my mistakes and explained me how I should improve. I just followed her instructions to overcome RC's in Verbal.

Quant SFA, was very motivational. She wanted me to score more every time and shared some inspiring quotes to keep me motivated. She also provided very helpful additional problems in weaker areas.

The concept of SFA's meant a lot to me, to the kind of situation I was in. I badly needed somebody to believe in my capability and at the same time reach my target score, through motivated effort. SFA's have helped me in this way. It was more of human support that worked for me, rather than just material and questions.

After undergoing the training with GREedge all I can say is it’s the best!

Prakhar Mohan,
From IIIT Allahabad, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 326 (Quant: 170; Verbal: 156) in GRE

I had attended an online seminar of GREedge and then received a call from one of their employees who told all the benefits of opting for GREedge. Since, GRE was a necessity, I did not give another thought and soon joined GREedge. I thank both my SFA’s for being so nice and supportive. This would not have been possible without their help. Their advices not only helped me in GRE exam but in many more domains. I was never able to write an essay properly or speak in English, but now I’m far more fluent that what I used to be, improved in grammar and vocabulary a lot. Quant have helped me regain my aptitude skills and the constant advice and motivation by my SFA is what made me score cent present in quant. I thank them both from my deepest heart.

English was always a bugbear to me since my school days. Never got more than 8/20 in any essay throughout my schooling. Vocabulary was zero and Grammar was nowhere to be found in my essays. After joining GREedge, now I’ve improved a lot in every sense. GREedge not only helped me in GRE exam but have also contributed to my communication and writing skills.

The quant portion was also very good and helped me revise my aptitude concepts well. This will not only help in GRE but also in other aptitude exams I might appear in.

All in all, learning with GREedge was great. Now, I think I made a very incisive decision of joining GREedge for my Preparation.

I attribute my success solely to GREedge. 

Nitin Jamadgani,
From NIT Karnataka, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 325 (Quant: 169; Verbal: 156) in GRE

Honestly while I had started preparing for my GRE, I was looking for a value for money option for my preparations. That’s when I realised GREedge is the best mode of preparation.

It’s an online mode for preparing for GRE and that’s the best part. All my SFA’s were extremely helpful and all my credit goes to their consistency in making me prepare more.

I am absolutely satisfied with the guidance that I received from GREedge. 

Mihir Rimjha,
From NIT Trichy, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 324 (Quant: 167; Verbal: 157) in GRE

Due to lack of a good coaching institution in my home-town, I opted for the best online academy for GRE preparation. GREedge surpassed my expectations. My experience has been great. The techniques which GREedge uses is really good.
My quant SFA was exceptionally great. I couldn't imagine such cheerful and co-operative disposition of a teacher. Your appreciation and motivation were conducive.

My verbal SFA was also very good. He tolerated all my silly questions and answered them in the best possible way.

Thank you :)

From IIIT Allahabad, joined our GRE Centum program and scored 329 (Quant: 170; Verbal: 159) in GRE

The structure of the programmes offered by GREedge impressed me the most. These programmes are flexible and fit exactly to the requirements of the student. The counselors observed my strengths and weaknesses and ensured that I make the best out of it.
The learning tracker is simply great. It is very much similar to actual GRE and the level of questions are probably tougher, which eventually helped me in preparing for the examination.

I could make the best out of it. In short, a real value for money course structure.

Sandeep K,
From St. Martins, Hyderabad and joined our Complete GRE program

GREedge is a very good option for students like me who prefer self-study and are allergic going to too many classes (morning to evening we to go college and then 2 hrs if we have to go for some coaching that would be strenuous).

The feedback from the SFAs and their help is really worth it. 

Debasmit Das,
From IIT Roorkee, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 327 (Quant: 167; Verbal: 160) in GRE

GREedge was worth more than every penny. The Learning Tracker is a gem of an application and it is built to focus your mind towards GRE. I thank all the staff who supported me and provided me with invaluable suggestions during my preparation days.

I never felt bored for a second while preparing with GREedge. The SFAs along with the learning tracker opined about my performances.  GREedge not only prepares you for the GRE but for the world where articulation and expression is vital. The quant section was carefully designed so as to lure students into making mistakes. This section was perfectly suited for the GRE.

Doing GREedge lessons were part of my daily routine. I made sure that there was no discontinuity in my preparation.

Naga Rohit,
From Vellore Institute of Technology University, Vellore, joined our Complete GRE Compact program and scored 320 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 154) in GRE

Recommended to me by a colleague of mine, GREedge lived up to my expectations in terms of content and training. Indubitably, you brought me a step closer to my dream.

Online experience with GREedge has been extremely enriching to me in person, you can opt to study at any time of the day as the sessions are available online round the clock. It caters to the needs of working professionals who work in shifts.

At the outset, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your guidance and support without which my score would not have been possible.

Albin Thomas,
From Guru Ghasidas Central University, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 316 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 153) in GRE

Its been a pleasure, studying and interacting with the whole GREedge team. Your guidance and inspiration helped me achieve my desired GRE score. I specially thank  my SFAs For their affection and motivation. They behaved like friends, corrected my errors and finally led me to good score.
Thank You. You guys really provided me with  "HAPPY LEARNING"

A working professional from Tamil Nadu, joined our Fast Track GRE program and scored 316 (Quant: 168; Verbal: 148) in GRE

Wonderful experience with GREedge. I'm really happy with GREedge and the scores I got in GRE. GREedge provides  very supportive SFAs. Its worth preparing with GREedge.

Akhil Bhiwal,
A working professional from Bangalore, joined our Fast Track GRE program and scored 317 (Quant: 164; Verbal: 153) in GRE

One of my friend recommended GREedge as a good place to prepare for GRE. I have been working in a company for quite some time. I had lost touch with studies and taking practice tests. GREedge was very helpful here.

GREedge provides a faculty advisor whom I can ask for guidance whenever needed. Also, there were times when I could not meet the schedule made by my faculty adviser. In those cases, they helped me to make changes in it.

Samarth Agarwal,
From P.E.S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 318 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 152) in GRE

My experience with Greedge was excellent. Availability of trainers 24*7 helps a lot. I especially thank my verbal trainer for giving immense support and helping me with my essays and verbal section and for instigating in me a desire to work hard.

I would recommend Gredege to all those who are preparing for GRE and want a flexible study plan. GREedge provides excellent  GRE style tests. GREedge offers a lot for such a nominal amount it charges.

Ahut Gupta,
From Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Goa, joined our Fast Track GRE program and scored 319 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 153) in GRE

My main purpose in joining GREedge was to do as many practice sets as possible before my test. I think GREedge was able to satisfy my needs. I would rate it as good, overall. My experience with GREedge was satisfactory. I was able to get what I needed i.e. practice material and personalized attention. In fact, I have already recommended it to 2 of my friends.

From BMS College of Engineering, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 321 (Quant: 164; Verbal: 157) in GRE

I must say that GREedge was very helpful until the very end. The fact that you can sit at home and train yourself at your convenience is a huge plus point. The Quant was definitely fun to do with GREedge.

Pradeep Pandurangi,
A working professional from Vadodara, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 322 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 159) in GRE

Most important reason for me to choose GREedge was that it was online and hence it gives a lot of flexibility in terms of study time. Especially for people like me who are working. My SFAs followed-up with me regularly and GREedge even alerts you if you don't study for one week at a stretch. This is an awesome feature, since whenever I lost focus from studies  a constant reminder from GREedge helped me get back on track.

I would recommend GRE edge to anyone who is serious about GRE and likes to study independently at their own pace.

Subarno Banerjee,
From NIT Durgapur, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 322 (Quant: 167; Verbal: 155) in GRE

GREedge team has put up a great self-study package with just the right and the best content. 2 personal trainers or SFAs are there always to solve your doubts. For students who cannot take classroom tutorials, it is the best way to prepare. I would even say that it is better than classroom tutorials. You get complete freedom and choice in deciding your study plan, timings and deadlines. And when you're ready, everything is already organized for you. It was a great experience learning with GREedge.

Rohit Dhiman,
From Punjabi University Patiala, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 322 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 159) in GRE

My cousin sister in US encouraged me to opt for GREedge. Most beautiful thing about an online course like GREedge is that it is time saving, but one has to be determined and regular with the studies. I must say it was a very interactive study course. My SFAs knew me more than i did myself. GREedge SFAs are professionals and they know which areas one should give emphasis to improve. 

Gargi Baruwa,
A working professional from Maharashtra, joined our Fast Track GRE program and scored 324 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 161) in GRE

Initially I had prepared for GRE from Barron’s. But I did not feel it was enough. As a working professional it was not possible for me to attend a coaching class having regular timings. I came across GREedge through Barron’s and decided it would be best for me.

GREedge exposed me to many practice problems which helped me gain confidence in both verbal and quant and thereby helped me in my GRE preparation. The high frequency words are really helpful if one does not have enough time to learn all the words. It was an enriching experience, learning from GREedge. I received proper guidance  from both my SFAs, which helped me improve a lot.

From IIT Roorkee, joined our Fast Track GRE program and scored 325 (Quant: 168; Verbal: 157) in GRE

In the initial stages I lacked at time management and reading comprehension part but then practice tests from GREedge helped me a lot. I went through all the material provided by GREedge once and solved the practice questions.

The most important part of GRE preparation is the practice and GREedge provides good quality timed practice tests. Also, the learning material is precise and to the point. Overall GREedge provides a systematic and organized way for GRE preparation.

Upendra Singh,
A working professional from Kolkata, joined our Express GRE program and scored 327 (Quant: 168; Verbal: 159) in GRE

It was a Great learning experience. The interactive method of learning was really good. It converted a boring task like learning words into an enjoyable exercise. And the personal feedback and attention to the problems by SFAs was amazing. It really helped a lot. And after practicing the full length tests at GREedge, the actual GRE exam felt like a normal practice session.

Ashutosh Singh,
A working professional from Maharashtra, joined our Express GRE program and scored 328 (Quant: 168; Verbal: 160) in GRE

GREedge was recommended to me by a friend. He had already undertaken the course and was impressed with the structured learning approach of GREedge. My initial approach to preparations was unstructured. GREedge made my preparation structured and things like time plan and learning methodology helped me get through GRE  comfortably.

The learning experience was really good. I spent only 1 month working on my preparations, even though I had started 2 months early. The topic wise approach and immediate sample problems helped a lot in retention of concepts. The practice questions were a big bonus on that.

If anyone is looking for a quick pass at GRE and is short on preparation time, GREedge would help in a big way. You can stop worrying about the course and schedule and just get down to serious preparations and practice.

Sirisha Kurada,
A working professional from Mumbai, joined our Express GRE program and scored 330 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 164) in GRE

Most compelling reason to join GREedge was convenience of timing. The SFAs cleared all my doubts within 1-2 working days which was commendable as I loaded them with doubts. The study plan served as a meter to check if I am lagging in my prep.

With the help of learning material and SFAs my learning progressed a lot faster than what I would have done on my own. The GRE style sectional tests and the Full length tests were of good standard and made me feel comfortable with the GRE pattern. After these, the final GRE seemed like another practice test (helped calm my nerves to a large extent).

Abhinav Ramesh,
From VIT University, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 331 (Quant: 169; Verbal: 162) in GRE

The learning experience was very good. I had regular feedback from my trainers, and the freedom to call them anytime with my doubts. I prepared for vocabulary for around 15 minutes every day for 5 months. I did all the practice tests given by GREedge and reviewed my answers closely.

Kavya laxminarayan,
From CMR Institute of Technology Bangalore, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 332 (Quant: 165; Verbal: 167) in GRE

The GREedge experience on the whole was quite amazing! GREedge has an excellent learning interface and skilled trainers who are genuinely concerned for every student. The kind of personalized coaching GREedge provides is very effective and the online seminars help supplement the individual learning.

I am the kind of person that enjoys studying at my own pace. I did not want to attend coaching classes because I was afraid that the same classroom environment would make the entire preparation seem very boring. Online coaching, on the other hand, provides structured learning but also allows students the freedom of pacing it out as per their schedule. 

From Vidyavardhini college of Engineering & Technology, joined our Complete GRE Compact program and scored 325 (Quant: 168; Verbal: 157) in GRE

The experience with GREedge was really excellent. They provided me with the liberty to prepare any day, anytime. First, I was a bit anxious about joining the online training. After talking to one of my friend who had joined GREedge before, I felt I should give it a try. The way it was projected, it turned out to be the same. The learning module was absolutely exceptional.

My SFA's were very helpful. Every doubt was solved immediately. They were always motivating and bolstering. In Quant the GREedge practice sessions helped a lot in building up the basic skills. The difficult questions that I encountered in GREedge practice tests strengthened my confidence.

In Verbal practice I followed the schedule that was given to me by my SFA. The RC passages that I encountered in the actual GRE were very much similar in difficulty level which I had done with Greedge.

GREedge gave me a thorough overview of my strengths and weakness and also gave me a feel of what actual GRE will be like through their full Length test.

I owe my very success to you GREedge.

Shruti Gandhi,
From Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, joined our Express GRE program and scored 329 (Quant: 169; Verbal: 160) in GRE

My experience at GREedge was great, SFAs are very helpful, it is good to know that you have somebody to ask doubts, and to guide and inspire you. I was completely satisfied with the quality. No complaints or suggestions. After giving the GRE style tests, and the adaptive tests you don't feel much difference between the mock and real GRE, it was just another exam and you had to give your best shot.

Sapna Handyal ,
From Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 312 (Quant: 162; Verbal: 150) in GRE

GREedge is definitely one stop destination for anyone looking at quick preparation for GRE and is not confident of how to make it big in a short while. The material for details on concepts, the practice tests, style tests, wordlists.. each and every material is so intricately structured that it ensures that at no point of time does the student feels lost. The flow of studies is maintained.. and personal SFAs for each student is so thoughtful!

Starting with the call from the representative, the experience with GREedge has been very pleasant! At no single instance of interaction with the team have I felt ignored or found any reason to be unhappy about. I have always got the apt response for all my queries in time! Great job GREedge..!! Truly appreciate your team effort!

The whole concept of Online training for an online exam is a super hit!

Prasenjit Mazumder,
From St. Thomas College Of Engineering, Kolkata, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 310 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 144) in GRE

The most compelling reason is the flexibility of time. My SFAs have provided me a convenient study plan as to keep pace with my job schedule. The guidance I have got from them is no doubt very impressive. The style-sheet exams are very much required to score good marks. As I am currently working, I mostly concentrate at weekend study.

Learning experience is awesome. I will really miss those nights logging into my GREEdge account and study the words, working out the problems. The quant section is really good. If it is done then no one should have any difficulty in exam. The advanced practice test for quant is really good. Really I did enjoy a lot the quant style sheet.

The reading comprehension is really of high standard. The large amount of practice papers really helped me to have a good idea and good practice for the same. And the best part is the moral support that I have got from my SFAs, really I am grateful to them.

Shatakshi Chattopadhyay,
From Lady Sri Ram College for Women, joined our Express GRE program and scored 330 (Quant: 169; Verbal: 161) in GRE

GREedge added to my GRE preparation, way more than I expected it to. They helped me overcome my fears about the verbal section and during the test, it went quite smoothly. It also enhanced my Quant skills and brought them to near perfection with which, I could tackle almost any problem given to me. GREedge was a boon for me. I didn't think that a 1.5 month preparation for GRE could yield such good results, but GREedge proved me wrong.

Shrey Shrivastava,
A working professional from Madhya Pradesh, joined our Verbal Master program and scored 314 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 148) in GRE

GREedge helped me a lot in the preparation, the tests were pretty good and the way they provide the analysis is excellent. By looking at the reports I came to know where I stand and tried to improve. I learned various things from GREedge - Time management, how to attempt triple blank and sentence equivalence and how it feels like when you sit for 3 hours in front of a computer.

Rohith Giridhar,
From Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore, joined our FastTrack Test Series program and scored 319 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 153) in GRE

It was three weeks before my exam that I was looking to take many tests to improve areas in my preparation when I came across GREedge. The tests that they offered were very similar to the actual GRE and helped me get accustomed to the pattern of the exam and helped me with time management. The entire process of initial discussions, enrollment and processing followed by administering of tests with the evaluation and feedback on each test was a good experience. The staff from enrollment, admission to the SFAs were very good and accessible over phone almost at anytime.

Lijo Anthony,
A working professional from Dubai, joined our Express GRE program and scored 323 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 160) in GRE

It was a nice experience. The amount and organization of available learning materials are really commendable. The coverage of the materials is also fair enough. Programs are well designed and systematically organized. I have also received really good support from my SFAs during the preparation.  I think GREedge is the best option for online GRE preparation. Online learning tool was very useful for learning at my own convenience. Practice questions and tests are all modeled after the real GRE exam. This was very useful in getting familiar with the actual GRE pattern from the very beginning of the preparation. As a result, I was very comfortable with the actual GRE examination.

Nithin Haridas,
A working professional from Maharashtra, joined our Express GRE program and scored 334 (Quant: 167; Verbal: 167) in GRE

When I began GRE preparation, I was mostly confused what was required to prepare. The overview given over the phone call and the structured content influenced me to sign up.  The study plans from my SFAs helped me get started. Flexible timings were a huge advantage in learning lessons. I was busy in the weekdays as I am a working professional and got only minimal preparation done. I was able to make up for it in weekends. The well organized lessons and the ability to stop and continue lessons at will saved the planning time.

Ahana Dutta,
From Manipal Institute of Technology, Udupi, joined our Verbal Master program and scored 315 (Quant: 157; Verbal: 158) in GRE

My experience with GREedge was incredible. It was like a dream come true! From finding all the material under one roof, to being able to go about the preparation at my own speed and wonderful SFAs always ready to help out. I will definitely recommend GREedge to all my friends as it had a big role to play in the 158/170 in my Verbal score.

Nithin Podhuval,
From BITS (Pilani), Goa Campus, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 330 (Quant: 165; Verbal: 165) in GRE

The GREedge  experience was pretty cool. The SFAs are always at hand. Any concern or query, can be cleared with them. Besides the great advantage is that, it has all the material required at one place. The GREedge material can be used as a good base and one can move on to further practice depending on the time available. My learning experience was very positive. The fact that the study material is presented as a series of tests helped a lot in motivating me to study.  Whenever I got low marks in a particular test, I would get motivated,study the next section more thoroughly and give another test. The RC passages are the best component of the GREedge module, I feel.

Ranbir Sinha,
From Institute of Technology, Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 314 (Quant: 164; Verbal: 150) in GRE

GREedge provided me an excellent platform for grooming my abilities. I did not prefer classroom coaching because they seem to me as staid and insipid. The online coaching provided me to work at my own speed and own energy. And that too at  any time irrespective of day or night, which is a very good feature introduced by GREedge.

This online coaching provided me with an excellent learning interface and skilled trainers who are meticulously  concerned about every student. The kind of personalized coaching that GREedge provides is very effective and the  online seminars and presentations help supplement the individual learning that takes place.

Achieving a decent score would have been a dream without GREedge. Also, before I enrolled in GREedge, I was not knowing the ABC of GRE and GREedge helped me to know every meticulous thing about GRE.

Girish Sekar,
From VIT, Vellore, joined our Verbal Master program and scored 313 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 150) in GRE

The learning experience with GREedge was very good. To explain it in one word - Awesome!!!

The tips given at the beginning of each section were very useful. The most important part of GREedge was feedback given at the end of each test and practice test. Doubts posted were answered very fast and technical issues were solved 24x7. The detailed schedule that was given by the personal adviser during the beginning of the course really helped plan and stay organized.

Pratyush Havelia,
From IIT Roorkee, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 330 (Quant: 170; Verbal: 160) in GRE

My experience with GREedge was very relaxed and fruitful. The main reason I joined GREedge was the freedom I got during my preparation. I could follow the hectic class schedule at college, and also give sufficient time for preparation. Additionally, it was very convenient for me to just open my laptop and start with practice, obviating the need to attend coaching classes and waste precious time.

The part I loved was the Ask a Doubt feature. Also, my SFA’s prepared a daily schedule for me. Even though I was unable to follow the time table every day, they prompted me to log onto the Learning Tracker, thus forcing me to be regular. I also really loved the interaction between the students and the SFA’s. Once you are regular and contented in your studies, there is no way you would not be able to perform well on the actual test.

Karthik S,
Joined our Verbal Master program and scored 318 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 155) in GRE

GREedge helped me a lot in boosting my GRE scores to this level. The one thing that I felt really wonderful about GREedge is their continuous monitoring of your learning.The online seminars about Verbal and Quant were really helpful in my preparations and gave an idea about how to improve my scores. My SFAs were really helpful and were always available in case of doubts or other queries. The Verbal section tests that I had in GREedge was much tougher than in my actual GRE and it prepared me to tackle the time constraint while reading RC's. The other thing that i felt, a lot of others felt is the convenience of timing. You can start and end a session here at your comfort and that too, at anytime you want.

The continuous evaluation of the tests, feedback from the SFAs on how I can improve and the progress reports really helped me a lot.

Rogers Jeffrey L,
A working professional from Thanjavur, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 324 (Quant: 165; Verbal: 159) in GRE

The overall experience with GREedge was great. I had a plan drafted for me by the SFA's. But I couldn't stick to the study plan due to personal issues. Even though I didn't respond much to the SFAs initially they still kept mailing me and asking me about my progress. They kept me motivated continuously. I requested them for a revised study plan again, a few weeks before I took my GRE and it helped me a lot.  Even though I couldn't attend most of the webinars, I was able to get the slides and videos and was able to learn from them.

I had a very good learning experience with GRE edge. The frequently used word lists and the learning materials were very helpful. The style tests, helped me to improve my pace. The Quant learning materials were well organized which made the learning very easy and interesting. The questions provided in the advanced practice sessions also were of great help. They helped in getting a better understanding of the concepts learned.

Abhishek Kumar,
From National Institute of Technology, Warangal, joined our FastTrack GRE program and scored 316 (Quant: 161; Verbal: 155) in GRE

My experience with GREedge was excellent. Provided me with all the necessary materials and having tests for each topic to know on which topic I can falter and accordingly improve. Got constant support from my SFAs.

My learning experience included spending ample amount of time for both Verbal and Quant.

Learning a specific topic in Quant and giving a test on that topic exposed me to different types of questions pertaining to that topic.

For verbal, going through the GRE word list, answering reading passages from every discipline such as history, archeology, arts, literature, science, humanities of varying difficulties.Taking tests for each section really helped me a lot.

Amritanshu Joshi,
From Manipal Institute of Technology, Udupi, joined our Complete GRE program and scored 315 (Quant: 160; Verbal: 155) in GRE

I came to know about GREedge through a weekly newspaper supplement. On registering i got a call in no time regarding joining the course. A bit hesitant initially I took the first step and joined. Within a few hours I got a call from my SFAs explaining me the whole study process and providing me with the required material. They even made a time table which helped me in devoting adequate time to different parts of the course.  I now realize that it was a correct decision to take up professional guidance. My teachers were helpful and provided me with feedback to improve upon my mistakes.

A unique and a pleasant experience is what I can say about the learning process with GREedge. I used to have difficulties with time-management which improved by doing tests on GREedge. Chapters explaining each and every method on how to proceed and solve questions were a delight to study. The GRE Style Tests and the Full length Tests really helped me to gauge my potential and to be better prepared for the exam. All in all the learning experience with GREedge was excellent.

From SRM University, joined our Complete GRE program, scored 325 (Quant: 165; Verbal: 160) in GRE and admitted to University of Texas

Preparing with GREedge and my two trainers has been a great experience. Initially I was hesitant to join the Online Academy. But then I read about it in many blogs and even in the 2011 Barron's edition and the many successful candidates it had produced and I decided to enroll. I found the sessions to be exhaustive and they provide a great pool of questions for practice. In the end I was able to practice a lot of GRE-style mock adaptive tests which made the GRE test feel less formidable and helped me achieve my desired score.

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