How do we help you in your IELTS

Based on the most successful training methodology that has helped more than 36,000 students, GREedge presents a highly personalized IELTS training that blends one-on-one expert attention with high quality IELTS-style practice.


#1: Individual Speaking Reviews For Utmost Confidence
Online IELTS preparation with trainers

Ask a group of IELTS aspirants what worries them the most and the unanimous answer is the 15-minute Speaking Interview. But, with 1-on-1 IELTS-style speaking evaluations & feedback sessions, your IELTS SFA can not only identify mistakes but also rectify them, fine-tune your speech and help you become a smooth talker in days!


#2: IELTS-Style Mock Practice For Higher Band Scores
Online IELTS preparation with trainers

Training Wheels, Net Practice, Mock Tests - all have one common purpose - to ensure you are ready for the real thing. Similarly, at GREedge, your IELTS mock tests train you to manage time, improve your weaker areas & avoid silly mistakes by tracking how you answer every millisecond, followed by the time you spend on every question.


#3: A Dedicated IELTS Expert For Personalized Training
online IELTS preparation

To learn a language, you could learn techniques from a book or in a class with so many other students. Or, you could be smart and get a dedicated IELTS SFA (Student Facilitator & Analyst) just for you. Get expert assistance based on your unique skill sets for Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing and score high!


#4: Easy-To-Master Lessons For Skill Development
IELTS prep online

IELTS tests more than just your English prowess, it tests your ability to communicate coherently and persuasively to get a high band score. At GREedge, we ensure you can build your skills with easy-to-master lessons that teach you important time-tested techniques to read faster, write coherently, listen better & speak fluently!

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