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The Arizona Express: Ramya's victory of 7 top admits with 302 in GRE

What will you do— if you scored less than 305 in GRE? Retake the exam & start again? Or Would you give up the university you want & settle for less? Ramya did neither! With just 302 in GRE, she got seven admits from Top Universities like ASU and $15,000 worth of scholarships., Find out how she made it possible, as she shares her strategies and journey live from ASU.

Ramya K G
MS Achiever & Sun Devil
Once an MS aspirant, now in Arizona State University, Ramya is an ECE graduate from SIT Tumkur. She is now pursuing her Masters in Computer Engineering from ASU and dreams of (in her words) “...finishing my masters and having a great life ahead”.
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GRE Bullseye: Expert techniques to conquer the 5 Toughest GRE topics with last minute preparation tips.

How you spend the next 30 to 45 days will decide your GRE score and, your dream admit. Learn how to boost your GRE, with two experienced GRE specialists Mr. Prithiviraj Kabali & Mr. Senthil Pandian. Get expert tips & techniques to you solve every GRE question flawlessly (even from the 5 toughest sections).

Mr. Prithiviraj Kabali
Quant specialist & E-Class Expert
With the experience of guiding 7,000+ MS aspirants in GRE quants, Mr. Prithiviraj has guided countless test-takers to a 165+ in GRE quants. He is also responsible for giving a comprehensive structure to the E-classes teaching methods.
Mr. Senthil Pandian
Senior Verbal specialist, GREedge
A mentor and guide to thousands of GRE aspirants & part of the first Verbal SFA team, Mr. Senthil has helped countless students to score a 160+ in GRE Verbal and reach their dream university.
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The SOP Final-cut: How to craft the perfect SOP avatar for your profile

Using 5 case-studies from real SOPs that got top-admits, learn the art of drafting an SOP that convinces & impresses any Admission Committee. Write the most important document in your Admission process without any flaws. Learn how to use power-words, persuasive phrases and the reason why some SOPs give scholarships while many get rejections. Find out how you should draft your SOP according to your profile.

Mr. Sivagurunathan Sankaralingam
Admissions Head (Documentation)
An expert who has evaluated 1000+ SOPs, Mr. Sivaguru has helped more than 4000+ students reach their dream universities, most of which are a part of the Ivy League.
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MS Tri-series: Expert breakdown with a comparison of application strategies, course requirements & best universities.

Does the USA still have the best opportunities? or Will the “Land of Maples” give you the warmest welcome? Can you get into one of the TU9 in Germany? Will getting an H1B visa after your MS be hard? The list of questions is long—the answer is a click away. Join live as Ms. Afshana & Ms. Niveitha as they give a detailed breakdown of course requirements, job opportunities and the best universities in the USA, Germany & Canada.

Ms. Afshana SI
Global Admissions Expert, GREedge
A pundit of Global admissions, she has guided 1800+ global aspirants to get admissions along with scholarships in the Top 100 Universities of the world.
Ms. Niveitha Mohankumar
Senior Admissions Expert, GREedge
An admission specialist who has an in-depth knowledge of universities and course requirements, Ms. Niveitha has guided 1500+ aspirants achieve their dream universities.
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Fall’20 University Tracker: Find the best university and admits for your profile

With deadlines knocking on your doors, can your profile survive the rigorous scrutiny of the Admission Committee? Curious about which university is the best for your profile? Find out as Mrs. Archana Hariram, evaluates your profile live & discover which universities are the best for your masters. Learn what you need to do in the next 30 days to get an acceptance letter.

Mrs. Archana Hariram
Admissions head(University selection team)
A specialist in Global MS, Mrs. Archana has more than 5 years of experience in helping MS hopefuls reach the hallowed halls of the Top Global Universities of the world
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Funding Mythbusters: Misleading facts that can cost you in Fall 2020

Does "Low GRE scores" mean "No scholarship"? Is taking student loans smart? This Fall 2020, can your profile save you thousands of dollars? (literally) When it comes to funding for your MS abroad, separating facts from fiction is tiring indeed. But why take the risk. Join live with our funding expert & HDFC National Manager, Hitesh Parashar as they debunk the myths surrounding MS Scholarships and unravel the fine print of MS funding.

Mr. Hitesh Parashar
National Sales Manager, HDFC Credila
In his 14 years of experience, Mr. Hitesh has helped countless students to realise their MS dreams by making student loans & funding accessible to everyone.
Mr. Khamakhone Chandrasekaran
Admissions Head, GREedge
An eminent expert who has guided 50,000+ aspirants bag top MS admits globally, Mr. Khamakhone has 8 years of experience in university and course shortlisting.
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Future 8: Deciphering 8 MS courses that'll provide the best opportunities

6000+ new apps launched every day, 1.9 m new jobs created each month and an immense growth projected after a recession. In a booming 21st century, which MS courses will give you the most opportunities after you graduate? Find out live as our Admissions Expert sheds light on eight of the most popular MS courses—the promises they hold & chances of getting you a job after you graduate in the 2020s.

Mr. Subhra Bhowmik
Senior Course Specialist, GREedge
With more than 5 years of experience, Mr. Subhra has helped innumerable MS aspirants choose the perfect course for their profile to reach their dream university.
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