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Importance of GRE Practice Tests Online

When preparing for the GRE general test, regular practice in a GRE-like environment is the key to success. GRE mock tests are the best way to be prepared for the test day as they allow you to:

Familiarity with Test software
Understanding the complete user interface of the GRE test software will help in easier navigation.

Increasing Speed & Accuracy
Higher Speed and Accuracy is the key for scoring High in GRE and grabbing your dream university admit.

Proper Time Management
Ensure that you do not spend a lot of time in some questions and later miss out on attempting easier questions.

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Familiarity with Test software

When taking the computer-adaptive GRE test, you should be familiar with the following features of the test software:

  1. The on-screen calculator.
  2. The ‘mark for review’ option.
  3. How the UI layout changes for various types of questions including:
    1. Analytical writing.
    2. Multiple-choice questions.
    3. Multi-selection questions.
    4. Numeric entry.
    5. Select in passage type questions.

Our GRE mock tests replicate the test software you would see on the test day to ensure you are comfortable with it.

Increasing Speed & Accuracy

To score high on the GRE test, you should be able to answer questions quickly without sacrificing your accuracy.
Our mock tests help you achieve this by sharing the average time taken by other students to answer a question. This helps you determine the question types for which you need to find quicker techniques or practice more for speed.
Our online GRE mock tests also share the average accuracy achieved by test-takers for a given question. This acts as a benchmark for you to measure against.
To improve your speed and accuracy, you should initially focus on only one of the verbal or quant sections. Then, start the other once you have achieved quantifiable improvement.
For this purpose, we provide GRE verbal mock tests and GRE quant mock tests separately. Each of these follows the GRE structure as closely as possible.
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Proper Time Management

As with speed and accuracy, even to develop time management strategies you should first work on GRE verbal mock tests and GRE quant mock tests separately. Remember, if you can manage your time in each section well – the overall time management for the GRE test will automatically be good.
While you will have to develop your own time management strategies, they will include aspects like:
  1. Which questions to prioritise when attempting a section.
  2. Which questions to answer first – for example, should you do GRE reading comprehension first or the text completion questions first.
  3. How much time to allot for a given question type?
As you attempt more and more GRE practice tests, you will develop a sense of timing. That is, you would know when to give up on a question and move on to the next after simply guessing an answer. You would also know which questions to mark for review and which one to simply give up on with an intelligent guess.
Full-length GRE mock tests would also help you develop the mental and physical stamina needed to tackle a 4-hour exam.

How many GRE mock tests should you take?

Remember the GRE mock tests are a part of your GRE preparations and not the only thing that you should rely on.
If you are working with a 1-month to 3-month practice window, it is ideal to take four GRE mock tests – not counting the diagnostic test you take to set the baseline.
You can take as many mock tests as you need to become familiar with the exam.

What type of GRE mock tests should you take?

GRE is a computer-adaptive test. This means that the difficulty level of the second sub-sections in both verbal and quant sections are determined by your performance is the first sub-section.
This is not the best format for GRE practice tests early in your GRE prep – as you may not even get to face the more difficult questions.
Therefore, start with the non-adaptive GRE mock tests first. Once you are considering through your preparations – shift to the adaptive GRE mock test.
This will allow you to better identify your areas of strength/weakness early on and give a taste of actual test conditions later in your preparations.

The overall approach to GRE mock tests

Take GRE online mock tests to familiarize yourself with the test software.
Start with GRE verbal mock tests and GRE quant mock tests separately to refine your time management and improve your speed and accuracy in each section.
Take full-length non-adaptive GRE mock tests once you are at least half-way through the GRE syllabus.
Take full-length computer-adaptive GRE mock tests as you come close to the end of your GRE preparations.
GRE mock tests are the best way to develop stamina for the 4-hour test.

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