OnlyGRE 15

The most effective GRE prep program that is guaranteed to help you boost your GRE score in just 15 days!

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Brief Overview of OnlyGRE 15

What is OnlyGRE 15?

This intensive online GRE training program uses a unique blend of updated materials & live tutoring to ensure you achieve an 8-point score boost from your previous GRE score.

Who should enroll for OnlyGRE 15?

Recommended for students & working professionals who:

  • Have already taken GRE before.
  • Are looking to improve their score by at least 8 points.
  • Are seeking expert guidance for their specific weaker areas.
  • Have only 15 days to their new GRE date.

How Can OnlyGRE 15 Help You

Intensive Live Online Classes With Experts
Imagine studying for GRE from the comfort of your home with an expert teaching you important GRE concepts LIVE? With our live tutoring sessions, you can learn concepts, raise doubts & interact with your SFA easily!
Guaranteed 8-Point Score Boost
Can you improve your GRE score in just 15 days? Yes, you can! In fact, OnlyGRE 15 is guaranteed to increase your GRE score by at least 8 points in just 15 days! If you don't improve, you're eligible for a full refund!
Expert Guidance At Every Step
Never feel alone in your quest for a high GRE score. Once you enroll, you will get two personal trainers (SFAs) for Quant & Verbal prep exclusively. They help you plan your study, clarify doubts & provide regular feedback.
Planned Practice Schedule For A High Score
Throughout your prep, you will follow a strategic combination of untimed tests, sectional tests & GRE style tests. Spaced at appropriate intervals, this schedule will help you develop a strong hold over important GRE concepts.

Program Details

15 Days Validity
Essential Lessons & Practice
Minimum 120 Hours of Practice
Advanced Lessons & Practice
Live Online Classes
Video Lessons
GRE Style Tests (Verbal) - 10
GRE Style Tests (Quant) - 10
Full Length Tests - 4
2 Personal Trainers (Verbal & Quant)
WordBot - Full Access

What More We Offer

Handcrafted Study Plan For You

Based on your diagnostic test, your SFAs will provide a flexible study plan that accounts for three things - your strengths & weaknesses, your target score as well as the time you have to prepare before your GRE. This way, you don't have to waste your time planning your study everyday or worry about whether it's right for you.

Unlimited Doubt Clarification

If you have nagging doubts during preparation, we can help! Our simple 'Ask A Doubt' feature built into every question lets you raise doubts to your SFAs directly. Whether you have 20 doubts or 200, your SFAs will clarify it all within a single working day! Meanwhile, for more immediate assistance, you can also check our database of previously solved doubts called 'Insta-Doubt'.

Real Time Progress Report

How motivated would you be to stay on schedule if you could track your study accurately? Our superior tracking technology provides continuous, real time performance reports depending on the lessons you complete. You can also compare your progress to others who have achieved actually your target GRE score!

Full Access to WordBot

If you haven't already started using WordBot for learning words, then you ought to! With more than 3000 GRE words, the WordBot helps you not just learn but remember words by relating each and every word to a meomrable picture. What's more, you can also learn it's usage, it's synonyms and pronounciation all in one place.

Dedicated Student Welfare Team

Preparing for GRE is one part of giving GRE. There are various non-academic but necessary tasks to complete such as booking a GRE date, getting the right university codes to send your scores etc. Our dedicated student welfare team ensures you have no hiccups in giving your GRE & beyond!

Prepare for GRE - Anytime, Anywhere!

Whether you're a student or working professional, time to prepare for GRE is when you can find it! That's why, we have ensured you can access your program from any computer, smart phone, or tablet with just basic internet connection. Prepare for your GRE anytime, anywhere.

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