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Advanced GRE material with Express GRE

If your GRE is a couple of months away and you're searching for advanced GRE material, then Express GRE is the program for you.

Express GRE

Express GRE offers comprehensive GRE material for Verbal and Quant and rigorous practice. The GRE material provided will challenge you and help you score better at GRE.

Buy advanced GRE material and practice if:

  • Your GRE is less than 2 months away
  • You need advanced level GRE material to practice
  • You can spend 2 to 3 hours on GRE daily
Express GRE
Rs. 7000 only
~ 105.70 USD      
75 days valid systematic GRE preparation
Minimum 120 Hours online practice advised
Learning & Practice Sessions with GRE material
5 GRE style tests Quant
5 GRE style tests Verbal
2 Full Length GRE Adaptive tests
2 Personal Trainers – Verbal and Quantitative
Revised GRE Wordlist
10 Interactive Live Seminars
Help in Analytical Writing
What happens when you enroll
1. Orientation

As soon as you enroll, you receive a call from your personal GRE trainer. The call is to understand your level of preparation, help you grasp the training process and guide you on writing the diagnostic test.

Personalized Study Plan
2. Personalized Study Plan

The results of your diagnostic test will help your trainer create a study plan focusing on your strengths and the areas you need to improve. Now you can prepare for the GRE at your convenience, anytime & anywhere.

3. Learning

All your GRE study material is provided on the Learning Tracker. Just follow the study plan and during your preparation, if you need help from your trainer, you have the option to ask your doubt – Ask a Doubt.

4. Feedback

At GREedge, Practice Sessions follow Learning Sessions - you can practice and realize you've actually learned the concepts. A detailed evaluation of your Practice Session by your trainers will help you understand your mistakes and provide you with tips and techniques for a better score.

Real Time Tests
5. Real Time Tests

Once you've completed your lessons, your trainers will advise you to write our Real Time tests. You can write GRE style tests (Quant & Verbal) and Full Length Adaptive Tests to get a feel of an actual GRE, sharpen your skills, and boost your GRE score.

Live Online Seminars
6. Live Online Seminars

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to interact with experts at our Live Online seminars - topics range from GRE tips & techniques, preparation to admissions etc. Our seminars are widely attended so make the most of them.


Challenge yourself with advanced GRE material - Join Express GRE today!


Nithin Haridas,
A working professional from Maharashtra, joined our Express GRE program and scored 334 (Quant: 167; Verbal: 167) in GRE

When I began GRE preparation, I was mostly confused what was required to prepare. The overview given over the phone call and the structured content influenced me to sign up.  The study plans from my SFAs helped me get started. Flexible timings were a huge advantage in learning lessons. I was busy in the weekdays as I am a working professional and got only minimal preparation done. I was able to make up for it in weekends. The well organized lessons and the ability to stop and continue lessons at will saved the planning time.

Lijo Anthony,
A working professional from Dubai, joined our Express GRE program and scored 323 (Quant: 163; Verbal: 160) in GRE

It was a nice experience. The amount and organization of available learning materials are really commendable. The coverage of the materials is also fair enough. Programs are well designed and systematically organized. I have also received really good support from my SFAs during the preparation.  I think GREedge is the best option for online GRE preparation. Online learning tool was very useful for learning at my own convenience. Practice questions and tests are all modeled after the real GRE exam. This was very useful in getting familiar with the actual GRE pattern from the very beginning of the preparation. As a result, I was very comfortable with the actual GRE examination.

Shatakshi Chattopadhyay,
From Lady Sri Ram College for Women, joined our Express GRE program and scored 330 (Quant: 169; Verbal: 161) in GRE

GREedge added to my GRE preparation, way more than I expected it to. They helped me overcome my fears about the verbal section and during the test, it went quite smoothly. It also enhanced my Quant skills and brought them to near perfection with which, I could tackle almost any problem given to me. GREedge was a boon for me. I didn't think that a 1.5 month preparation for GRE could yield such good results, but GREedge proved me wrong.

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