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Write GRE mock tests and increase chances of boosting your scores with FastTrack Test Series program.

FastTrack Test Series

The Test Series is for those who have practiced all the questions types in Verbal and Quant and essay writing. They might have practiced these components independently and now need to practice the 3 components together in an environment that simulates real GRE.

Choose the FastTrack Test Series to

  • Get practice in doing all the 3 components together (Verbal, Quant, AWA) within the time constraints.
  • Develop your own practical strategies for managing time. You can read a number of tips from but they are best experienced on your own by practicing and self analysis at the end of each test without getting upset or losing focus. This will help you fine-tune your strategy.
  • Get used to the GRE test environment - using the online calculator, skipping questions and marking for review etc.
  • Most importantly, developing the right stamina that is required for the 4 hour test and developing the ability to mentally switch from essay writing mode to math mode to verbal reasoning mode.
  • Get a good idea of the kind of GRE scores that he/she is heading for.
FastTrack Test Series
Rs. 2000 only
15 Days Valid to take GRE Mock Tests
4 Full Length GRE Adaptive tests
Detailed solutions to all the questions
“Ask a Doubt” – Get all doubts cleared from the questions
What are these GRE Mock Tests?

These tests are adaptive like the actual GRE with questions across difficulty levels and changing according to your performance when you complete a section.

Fully Solved

The solution is provided as soon as you take a test. Find out how you got the score and where you made the mistakes and what is the way to get the correct solution.

Immediate Response

As soon as you take a test you are provided with a detailed performance report. Check the time taken for each question to improve your speed and accuracy.



Take the GRE 4 times before you take the GRE

Get GRE Mock Tests with FastTrack Test Series


Rohith Giridhar,
From Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore, joined our FastTrack Test Series program and scored 319 (Quant: 166; Verbal: 153) in GRE

It was three weeks before my exam that I was looking to take many tests to improve areas in my preparation when I came across GREedge. The tests that they offered were very similar to the actual GRE and helped me get accustomed to the pattern of the exam and helped me with time management. The entire process of initial discussions, enrollment and processing followed by administering of tests with the evaluation and feedback on each test was a good experience. The staff from enrollment, admission to the SFAs were very good and accessible over phone almost at anytime.

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