GRE Quant Formulas

It is common knowledge that the GRE is an intense exam, where students are required to answer a multitude of questions within a limited time span. This makes it important for your answers to not only be quick, but also precise. Now, both precision and speed are traits that can only be mastered through consistent practice, but there are a few tools you can employ to your benefit; namely, formulae. Remember the many geometry classes spent laboring over the various formulas for area, perimeter and volume? Well, it’s good if you do, because you’re going to need them to ace the GRE quants section! But don’t worry, you don’t have to pull out your dusty old school math books yet, for here we’re giving you the most exhaustive cheat sheet of GRE formulae to help you score a perfect 170 in the quantitative section. Scroll down to find the link to make the ultimate GREedge formula list for a perfect score yours!

So what will you find in this list? The complete set of formulas you'll need to ace all the 4 sections of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Data Interpretation!


Remember when math didn’t include complicated variables and was just real numbers? That’s basically arithmetic for you. So, what happens when you divide a negative number by a positive one? Or how exactly can we compute rate when distance and time are given? Yes, basic, school-level math: that’s all there really is to GRE Arithmetic formulas. However, you'll need a few shortcuts to ensure you arrive at the right answer without spending too much time on each question. Find all of this and more, and get ready to ace the Arithmetic section like never before!


Algebra is all about unknown variables, square-roots, factors, powers and quadratic equations. But don’t worry: even though algebra often deals with numbers that are irrational, your fears and apprehensions don’t have to be! Conquer your fear of the unknown with the complete list of GRE algebra formulas you'll find in this comprehensive list, and you’ll be sailing through this section in no time. Or should we say, your performance will improve exponentially?

Applied Mathematics:

Profits, losses, discounts, interests, speed…they all find a place in Applied Math, which is all about solving real-life problems. Remember those people buying 60 tonnes of watermelons or 400 pairs of jeans on a 27% discount? Or how long 4 people would take to build a wall if 2 people took 7 days? Well, why not use these handy formulae to help simplify your work for you? Get an edge over the competition when you know expert shortcuts to save precious minutes on your GRE!

Data Interpretation:

This is where the questions really start to get tricky for students! With topics like probability, statistics, permutation & combination, it can confuse even the best of students. But things don't have to be that way for you! Know how you can inspect and transform data into information that can be meaningfully used, and know the smart tips, tricks and formulae to crack these sections with ease, and be confident of arriving at the right answer each and every time!


Geometry is all about lines, angles, triangles, circles, and almost every other shape and figure you can think of. Although it has frequently been called one of the most daunting parts of the GRE Quants, with our list of formulas, there’s really no reason to worry. Download it now and take a look at the way we've broken down Geometry formulae into easy and manageable segments you'll not have any problem remembering!

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A word of caution: while it is tempting to think of a mastery over formulas as a definite way to getting the right answer, do note that the GRE questions themselves tend to be quite tricky and convoluted, requiring a fair bit of thinking and reasoning. The formulas, therefore, are usually the last step. We hope you'll found this list extremely helpful, and wish you the very best for your grad-school journey ahead! For more resources on the GRE Quants, you can click here

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