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GRE Quant Topic Wise Weightage

They say that time and tide wait for none, and this adage holds even more true for the GRE, which is literally a race against the clock. Now, time is a precious resource, and the GRE is an intense exam, testing your knowledge across a gamut of subjects. So how does one win a perfect 170 on their Quants when there’s just so much to learn? We found that as much as 60% of the perfect 170/170 scorers used the art of prioritization for fast and effective preparation.

As you the know the Quants section has four separate topics namely,
  1. Arithmetic
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry and
  4. Data Analysis.
You need to set a time limit for each question type and aim at solving the questions by that time. We have something already formulated, the very same that has helped students score a 165+ in their Quants. Here it is!

GRE Quant Topicwise Weightage

Ensure you practice enough so that you don't take more than a minute more than this. Practising in such a way will give you valuable minutes to double check your answers and also ponder on the few tricky ones. Figuring out the sections that need more work is called prioritization and is key to optimizing your performance on the GRE.

So, how exactly can you prioritize? How do you find out the concepts and topics that demand more of your time?
We believe that there are three broad ways in which you can do this prioritization:

  • Based on target score:
  • Dreaming of that elusive 170/170? Of course, you are! Now, what better way to do it than from learning the secrets of those who have that coveted score? Take a look at this bar graph that details the average time spent on each module by other 170 scorers in the past :
GRE Quant Target Score

You will observe that on an average, 170-scorers choose to spend a significant part of their time on three areas: Geometry, Applied Mathematics (which includes topics like Speed, Time, Distance etc), and Data Interpretation. Why is this so? Well, if you were to note the volume of questions from each topic, you will see that in a section of 20 questions, there are 6-8 questions from Arithmetic and Algebra of easy-to-medium difficulty, 6-8 questions from Geometry of medium-to-high difficulty, 3-5 questions on Data Interpretation again of medium-to-high difficulty, and from Data Interpretation and Applied Math, 2-4 questions also of medium-to-high difficulty.

Based on this info, we can see that because of the volume of questions from Geometry, as well as the difficulty level, it is the module that requires the most time, followed by Data Interpretation and Applied Math.

This is precisely the reason why students with a 170 prefer to first master these topics!

  • Based on strengths and weaknesses:
  • Ever taken GRE practice tests and found yourself being routinely tripped up by a particular concept or topic? Perhaps you have some difficulty with computing probability, permutations & combinations. Or maybe it's quadratic equations that really test your patience. It is only logical for every student to have their own, unique, set of strengths and weaknesses. It is important to take cognizance of these, and plan your preparation accordingly. If, say, you’re already proficient in geometry but are having a tough time with Applied Math, it is a great idea to turn your attention to that, and do a lot of practice questions to improve your performance there. If need be, ask your friends or seniors from college to help you out. After all, you don’t want your otherwise stellar GRE score to be compromised by a weakness in one area, do you?

  • Based on your performance vis-a-vis your competition:
  • A great way to gauge your own performance is to see how you stack up against your competitors. Luckily, at GREedge, we allow you to do just that! Meet our Progress Tracker, a scale that enables you to check how your performance compares to your peers.

GRE Quant Time Spent

This way, you can compare the time you took to complete a test with the average completion time, as well as the time taken by those scoring a 165+, so that you can tweak your time management skills accordingly.

Difficulty level of questions in GRE Quants

Let’s take a glance at the various difficulty levels that you could expect from the questions on the GRE.

  • Easy:
  • These are question that don’t require more than 30-40 seconds and one simple step or formula. Usually, a single read is enough to solve these questions. For example, this is what an easy question looks like:
A car crosses a bridge in 5 minutes at a speed of 45mph. What is the length of the bridge?
A. 3.75 miles
B. 18.76 miles
C. 9 miles
D. 3.6 miles
Answer: A

  • Medium:
    these questions require slightly more work, and require you to apply concepts and combinations of formulae. Ideally, you should not take more than 2 or 3 minutes to solve these. Here’s an example of a medium difficulty question:
Leaving his office at 9AM, George drove a distance of 132 miles to meet a client, maintaining an average speed of 70 mph. He spent a full 4 hours with his client and returned to his office at 5:05 PM. What average speed did George maintain on the road?
A. 58
B. 60
C. 62
D. 64
Answer: D. 64

  • Difficult:
    A difficult question first requires you to first identify data that is indirectly given, and then apply the requisite concepts and formulae. As such, these questions take anywhere between 5-7 minutes to be solved. For instance, take a look at this question:
Monty has to drive 200 miles from Blandings Castle to London, and Ronnie has to drive the same distance from London to Blandings Castle. If Monty leaves the Castle at 06:00 a.m. on a day at a speed of 50 mph and Ronnie drives at 60 mph, at what time would Ronnie have to leave London that day so as to reach the Castle 20 min earlier than Monty will reach London?

A. 5:30 AM
B. 6 AM
C. 6:10 AM
D. 6:20 AM
E. 6:30 AM
Answer: D. 6:20 AM
We hope you found this info helpful and eye-opening, and wish you all the best on your graduate school journey!

Now, we all know that a 170 is possible, but did you know that the secret to that is prioritisation? We hope you found this article helpful, and got some insight into how to prioritise while preparing for your GRE. We wish you all the best on your journey!

Now, to take a look at some of the important Quant formulae, click here.

What do we mean by that? Click here to find out!

Aditya Kardile
GRE Score : 330 ( V : 160 | Q : 170)
Each and every topic is covered in the program. I did not refer to any other books apart from the material provided by quant and verbal guides and the official guide. They give us feedback after every test and tell us our where we need to improve.
Apoorva Saxena
GRE Score : 329 ( V : 159 | Q : 170)
GREedge was my first experience of online coaching. And due to their very methodical approach, it was great one. They were thorough, they were very much involved and they monitored my performance minutely. It actually proved the best of both worlds.
Divya Murali
GRE Score : 334 ( V : 164 | Q : 170)
I took the GREedge one month online course and it was of great use to me. It has lessons on each topic and also practice sessions. At the end there is also full length tests available for practice. Nothing beats Wordbot for vocab building!
Priyanka Sundaram
GRE Score : 307 ( V : 149 | Q : 158)
I was inspired and motivated throughout the program and this helped me to reduce the tension at the last moment. I owe my success entirely to GREEdge. They made me realise my true potential and I am always grateful for it. Thank you GREedge!
Rishikesh Mishra
GRE Score : 309 ( V : 149 | Q : 160)
I think GREedge is the best. I have scored 309 marks in GRE with the help of GREedge.I took the one-month study plan of GREedge and it proved to be very useful. GREedge provides you a perfect interface for learning and then testing your skills.
Chirag Venkateshan
GRE Score : 310 ( V : 150 | Q : 160)
This two-month long program was worth every penny because of the Personal SFAs assigned to me, the detailed schedule, WordBot, and and exhaustive analysis of my performance as compared previously successful student. That was a game changer!
Pulkit Verma
GRE Score : 325 ( V : 155 | Q : 170)
What I really liked about GRE Edge was their SFAs (Student Facilitator and Analysts). Every student is assigned two SFAs when they enroll for the program and they help in keeping track of your progress during the preparations.
Uruba Andaleeb
GRE Score : 307 ( V : 150 | Q : 157)
GREedge made GRE way simpler! With so many materials available to prepare for GRE, it was so confusing for me. But GREedge gave me a proper direction, and it was an amazing experience. I would recommend this program to any GRE aspirant.
Rahul Reddy
GRE Score : 320 ( V : 156 | Q : 164)
Opening the GREedge learning tracker excited me every day. It's because it is designed in such a way that it engages students in it and urges them to complete their tasks daily and regularly. It was systematic and personalized. Good work design team :)
Abishek Surya
GRE Score : 310 ( V : 155 | Q : 155)
I never felt alone with GREedge. It was fascinating to see my trainers be as passionate about my ambitions and goals as much as I am! It’s like they’ve got your back, and they want to make it happen for you. I did not have to feel stressed about it.


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