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Selecting Universities

When writing your GRE or TOEFL, you can mention 4 universities you'd like your scores reported to. To those 4 universities, your scores would be reported free of cost.

For any other university beyond the 4 you have chosen, you'll be charged $23 per university. On average, it takes 3 or 4 weeks to report your score.

Spend quality time on websites of universities you are interested in before you choose which universities you'd like your GRE scores to be reported to.

It is a lot of information to process and recollect. Create a spreadsheet as you collect information. Track the following for each university you want to apply to:

General information

  • Links to the university site and important pages on the site
  • State it is located in - to determine cost of living and opportunities for employment

Admission procedures

  • Last dates for Admission for Fall, Spring intakes
  • GRE/TOEFL cut-offs or average scores for admission

Academic strength

  • Ranking of the university, department
  • Key faculty members renowned in their field - Contact them later, if required
  • Strengths of the department, specializations offered in it
  • Specialty schools or centers within the department such as center for nano-materials or bio-materials
  • Major projects running in the department from Government
  • Major projects running in the department from Government, Departments of Defense, Science or Industry

Fees and Placements

  • Fee structure and promise of assistantship/fellowship
  • Placement scenario

You can refine the list with additional information.


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