Guest Talk: Admits from CMU - How did Aditya achieve it?

“It’s never too late to make your dream come true” - Anonymous

While this may sound too high on optimism, it is indeed true. Universities like Stanford, Georgia Tech are always the Dream Leagues for student like you for MS/PhD Programs. However, small issues in college lead you to mess up your GPA or no profile building activities.

But is that end of your MS Dream in top 20 Universities?
Of course No!

Meet Aditya, a fellow student like you who was concerned about the lack of a strong profile but always optimistic. With a 330 in GRE, strong SOP & persuasive LORs he has got Admits from CMU, GTech & ASU. What’s stopping you?

Well, if you want to know how you can acheive the dream, watch this Exclusive Guest Seminar with Aditya where, we will be discussing:
  • 30-Day plan for 330 In GRE
  • How to build a strong profile
  • Important prerequisites for a top University Admits.

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