Canada Student VISA

“How to apply for a Canadian VISA?”

Here is your checklist!

Student Permit:

A study permit is a document issued by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) that permits an overseas applicant to study in a Canadian educational institution for the period of the programme of study. Every student pursuing the studies in Canada needs to have a Study Permit issued to him/her.


A TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) is a document issued by a Canadian visa office overseas, which is placed in an applicant’s passport to confirm that he/she has fulfilled the requirements for entering Canada as a temporary resident (a student, visitor or worker).

Basic Steps to start with your Canadian Student Permit

1. Search for the program you want to go for.
2. Choose the University that you wish to apply to.
3. Apply for the university and wait for the results.
4. Collect your Admit/Offer Letter from the university with which you can start applying for the Student Permit.
5. Collect few basic documents such as Financial documents, affidavit of support, medical certificate, Police clearance certificate, photographs.
6. Go to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and start the process of the student permit.
7. There are two ways by which we can apply for the Study Permit - Online and Offline. It’s always recommended to go with the Online process.
8. Check if you are eligible to apply for a Study Permit.
9. Apply for the Study Permit.
10. It will take at least a month for your decisions.

How to apply for a Student Permit:

1. To start your application process visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
2. Click on the Study option given under the services and information section.
3. You will be directed to the link given below, which will have all the related information on a study permit such as, student life in Canada, Extension of study permit, Studying and working in Canada. Click here to initiate direction..
4. Click on the Get a Study Permit option and then click on Apply for a Study Permit.
5. After you click on Apply for a study permit, you’ll be directed to a page where all the necessary information is given.
6. Find the “Eligibility to apply for a Student Permit”
7. After clicking on Determine your Eligibility and apply online you will be asked a series of general questions. Here you need to fill the information after which a Personal Checklist will be generated. Save it as a PDF file.
8. Along with your Document checklist, a Reference Number will be generated, which you need to save for future reference.
9. Create an account herehere and select the Continue to GC Key.
10. Sign into your account. Under the ‘What would you like to do today?’ section, look for the ‘Visitor Visa, study and/or work permit’ option. Click on it and enter your personal reference code. Your document checklist will now get linked to this application.
11. The next step is to upload all the documents mentioned as per part of your personal checklist.
12. You have to make a payment of CAD $ 150 either through your credit or debit card but keep the receipt for future reference.
13. You can then check your application status here.

What is the fee for a Canadian VISA?

The Application fee payment of CAD$ 150. You need to take out the print of the receipt and wait for the decision from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will receive your results after a month whether they have verified the documents or not. If the documents are not up to the mark, they may call you for the interview.

What are the benefits of a Canadian VISA?

Work permit post completion of course:
A work permit is issued to you after you have completed your Master's degree. The work permit is usually issued for a tenure of three years if you have completed a full time 2 year Master degree. In case you have completed only a one-year degree program or diploma, then you are only eligible for a one-year work permit.

Canadian PR
If you already have a job in Canada then, you can directly apply for a Permanent residence citizen of Canada via the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Certain provinces like British Columbia and Quebec, have some additional immigration regulations that state that depending on the course only certain graduates can be allowed for permanent residence.
It is relatively easier to get a Quebec Residence permit. Students who graduate from a study program in Quebec are eligible to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, commonly known as a CSQ) through the Quebec Experience Class.

Documents required for Canadian VISA.

A different personal checklist will be created for each student depending on the nature of the program, period of study and the course, once they get to the last section of the application form. But there are other general documents that you should possess regardless of this.

1. Acceptance letter from the university.
2. Bank statement (or) a certificate depicting the finances for the required period of study and 4 months of transactions and affidavit of support.
3. Police Clearance Certificate (The certificate should state that No crime has been reported in your name).
4. Medical Examination Certificate.
5. Photographs
6. Scholarship details (If any received)
7. Any national Identity card or Driving license too prove your signature is genuine.

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