Visa Sample Interview Questions

A Face to Face visa interview is conducted for students who apply for an F1 Visa. The vital purpose of this interview is to figure out why the student is interested in pursuing his/her higher education in the US and his intentions after the completion of the degree. Many students develop cold feet during the interview and it is common. The key to crack the interview is to be confident and give to the point answer to the questions asked rather than providing more information. The words used to frame a sentence should be selected wisely and must not portray one as a potential immigrant. Here are some common questions which you could expect in an interview, along with the answers.
To facilitate better understanding, we have categorized the questions into 3 sections as mentioned below:

1. Questions regarding the universities and the course:

Q: How many admits you have received till now?
A: I have received 3 admits in total. They are x, y and z.

Q: Have you gotten any rejects?
A: I have received two rejects (Or) I have received no rejects.

Q: What do you know about American universities?
A: American Universities have a better quality of education and a comprehensive curriculum. They have a better approach to the relevant field. (Ensure you talk only about the positives and Don’t mention anything negative about the education in India)

Q: Do you have GRE/TOEFL/IELTS Score CARDS?
A: Yes I have them with me.

Q: What are your scores?
A: My GRE score is 310, xx in Verbal and yy in Quants. My TOEFL score is zz.

Q: Do you feel the scores are low?/ Why your scores are low?
A: I believe the score is good enough for the university I have applied, Based on scores and profile, I have selectively applied to universities,

Q: What was your major in UG?
A: My UG major was Mechanical Engg

Q: When and from which university you graduated?
A: I graduate from xx college in year yy

Q: What all universities you applied?
A: I have applied to 5 universities, they are, (1),(2),(3),(4),(5).

Q: Why this university?
A: Please mention only about the university curriculum, the research and connect it to your future goals. (Do not boast about the university)

Q: Did you get any scholarship?
Q: Did you contact any professor?

2. Questions regarding your financial status and ability to meet the expenses

Q: Who is sponsoring your studies?
A: Mention who is sponsoring your studies(Do not mention anything extra.)

Q: What is your father?
A: Just mention what his job is or what he does.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: Just mention the number and if they are your brother or sister. (nothing more)

Q: What is your father’s income?
A: Just mention the the total income per annum. (nothing more)

Q: Where do your parents live?
A: Mention only the location. (nothing more)

Q: Did you take any loans?
A: If yes, then mention the loan and amount (There is no necessity to mention from which bank, where or how)

Q: How are you planning on repaying your loan?
A: This is a tricky question, give emphasis on what you are planning to do after your studies and how you think the job might pay you.

Q: Who is your current employer?
A: Just mention the name of the company

Q: What are your role and responsibilities?
A: Only mention the designation. Responsibilities - keep it to two sentences max.

Q: Since how long you have been working for this company?
A: Just mention the duration(nothing more)

Q: How much is your salary and how big is this company?
A: Mention your amount.

Q: Your current organization sounds strongly established, why do you want to quit your job now?
A: Mention your future goals and how you want to improve your skill set. Talk about how you want to focus on your career.

3. Questions to understand your intentions to pursue master and plans after graduation

Q: What will be your specialization in MS?
A: Mention only the specialization you are planning to pursue.

Q: Why do want to pursue this particular specialization?
A: Try to connect the specialization to your past and how you developed the interest to learn it about more to improve yourself in that field.

Q: Why do you want to go for masters?A: Focus on your career goals, self and/or skillset improvement.

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: Mention your future goals in two sentences.

Q: Why do you think we should give you a visa to study in the US?
A: Talk about how you want to improve yourself and make a better career for yourself. Be specific and mention the details related to your field of study.

Q: If given an opportunity to work in the US, will you take it up?
A: This is a tricky question. Mention if you get an opportunity to intern then you will take it up, but after that, you will come back as your home country has it has other options that will suit you.

Q: How do you plan on utilizing your vacations?
A: Mention about taking up an internship to gain new skills

Q: Do you have family in the US?
A: Be honest, specific and short, Do not give answers for which you open window for further questions on this subject.

Overall note:

Please be very specific to the questions. Don’t beat around the bush and also do not describe your answers, just state it.

Be confident, that's the key.
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