Fall`20: Review Of Sample SOPs That Won Top MS Admits

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Here is what

You will learn

Key steps one must follow while drafting an SOP to help them secure an admit

Common mistakes everyone should avoid while making an SOP

Sample Review of SOPs that got an admit in the top universities

Here is why

You shouldn't miss this seminar


80% of your admission chances lies on one factor i.e your SOP.

Fall 2020 deadlines are just a couple of months away.

So, are you ready with your SOP?


Did you know you do not get an interview session with the Admission Committee?

So whatever impact you want to leave on them, is just possible with SOP.

With 100’s of other applicants applying in the same university, how do you set yourself apart?

How do you prove you are the one who deserves the admit?

Do not worry. We will tell you how.

After analyzing approximately 1000’s of profiles, we have understood the key 15 steps that can make your SOP a winning point for you!

Want to know the 15 steps?

Join us in the exclusive online seminar to find your answer.


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12 August 2020 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM IST

Fall 21 Profile Building Webinar: How to build a profile for MS in Data Science, Machine Learning & Business Analytics?

Step by step plan for a

Successful Admit

Step by step plan for a

Successful Admit

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Admit: North Carolina State University
Admit: Pennsylvania State University
Admit: University of Southern California
Admit: Arizona State University
Admit: University of Illinois, Chicago
Admit: University of Illinois, Chicago
Admit: TAMU, College Station
Admit : Northeastern University
Admit : Lehigh University
Admit : Carnegie Mellon University
Admit : University of Maryland, College Park
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