How to publish Research papers for MS in US?

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Importance of research paper in MS/PhD Application process

The 'How to Guide' for publishing research papers

Popular indications for a good research paper

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There are couple of ways in which a person can build his/her profile and some of them include research publications, internships, work experience etc.

Research publication is one of the most important factors that an university looks for in-order to determine whether the candidate is a valuable asset to the university and whether the candidate is suitable for Mstrong>RA opportunities. It is vital for all higher education aspirants to learn about this aspect and who can be better than an expert who has significant amount of experience in paper publications to address this topic?

Archana Hariram, Senior admission expert at GREedge, is that expert who will be able to address all the doubts regarding this topic.

Join Archana in the interactive live online seminar and know exactly how to go about your research publication process Only limited slots available. Register now to book your place.

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Step by step plan for a

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