Low GPA & Backlogs: How to still realize your MS dreams?

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CGPA: How low is too low?
Backlogs: How many are too many?

Getting your dream MS admits despite a low GRE & backlogs - the complete guide!

How students before you secured top US admits with multiple profile weaknesses!

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You shouldn't miss this seminar

We understand that maintaining a high GPA throughout college can be difficult!

Boring subjects, strict checking, or falling ill before an important exam...

These are just some of the reasons that can lead to a lower than ideal GPA, or even backlogs.

But can that stop you from realizing your MS dreams?

Not if your dreams are bigger than your obstacles!

Time and again, we have seen bright, motivated students who have been able to bag the MS admits they wanted - despite a low CGPA,and in many instances, multiple backlogs too!

The Impact of Backlogs on your admits.
3 Things you can do to overcome it
How to plan your application process accordingly.

Join us on for a one-on-one expert session and get all your questions answered!

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3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

3 Proven Steps

to a High GRE Score

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