MIT, Stanford: How to get an MS Admit?

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Exact admission requirements for MIT & Stanford

How to create an attractive profile for MIT & Stanford

The ideal GRE & Admissions timeline for top universities

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“Everyone has dreams. Success comes to those who act”
Getting an admit from MIT & Stanford, here are some questions that you may have.
Can non-IITians get into MIT & Stanford?
What about international students?
Don’t you need to be a topper all through your school and college?
Yes or No.
There are many rumors about admissions into prestigious universities like MIT & Stanford.
Sure, they’re the top 2 best engineering schools IN THE WORLD and yes, they’re kinda picky about who they let in.
Sounds interesting, if not exciting?
You could actually be that person, even if you’re non-topper, non-IIT-ian, international applicant!
So, what do you need to achieve an MS admit from these top universities?
That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in our Special Online Seminar.

Join us to know the exact admission requirements, expert profile-building tips, and a proper GRE prep & admission timeline!

In fact, we will ALSO analyze the profiles of 2 GREedge students who received MS admits from Stanford University to help you understand the expectations!
We’re ready to show you the way!
The question is, are you ready to take it? ​

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3 Proven Steps

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