Global MS: USA vs Canada vs Germany vs Australia

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Here is what

You will learn

Popular Courses & Tuition Fees at each of these countries

Job opportunities in popular fields after graduation

How to secure your MS options worldwide!

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You shouldn't miss this seminar

U.S, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia...

Are you eyeing a top admit from a renowned University? Or, are you at the crossroads on how to shortlist a global university?

Whatever be your dream destination or dream university, get expert advice on how to shortlist the right university.

Join us in an Exclusive online seminar as we discuss how to:

- Effectively shortlist global universities
- Meet the course specific requirements
- Construct a perfect timeline to manage multiple applications

Along with that, you can personally interact with our expert and get all your doubts addressed right from course choices to university ranking and tuition fees.

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Step by step plan for a

Successful Admit

Step by step plan for a

Successful Admit

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