GRE Quant: Tricks to master Geometry & Arithmetic

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The Enigneer's advantage in scoring a 170 in Quants.

The 7 Techniques to score in Geometry & Arithmetic.

How To Plan Your GRE Quant Practice Schedule

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Dear MS Aspirant

Yes, it is true.

Most GRE test takers score better in Quants than in Verbal.

Well, owing to the vast population of engineering graduates, it is no big surprise.

If you are an engineer then you have quite an advantage!

You can boost your GRE score by getting a good Quants score.

But if that is the case, why do only 3% of them score a 170 / 170?

Because it is pretty easy to make mistakes on certain topics such as geometry and Algebra.

Even a tiny mistake can cost you valuable points and bring down your overall score.

So how do you jump past these hurdles?

If only there were some shortcuts to:

Remember formulae better

Arrive at answers faster

Recheck the answer

These are exactly the shortcuts that 170 scorer Durgesh Salunkhe devised for his GRE Algebra and Geometry!

able to push past his troubles and score a Perfect 170!

So, want to make these shortcuts yours?

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3 Proven Steps

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3 Proven Steps

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