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What is GRE? – Everything you wanted to know about the GRE

The GRE or GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION is a testing system that most international universities (including USA & Canada) adopt to assess a student's potential for higher academic pursuits, advanced studies and research. This standardized test compares the performance of a student with millions of others who have written this exam.
The GRE measures a student's verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and analytical writing skills - and is an important admission requirement for MS & Ph.D programs in engineering, science and arts in the USA or other English speaking countries.
The GRE is conducted by Educational Testing Services (ETS), a New Jersey-based American organization of long standing reputation and quality.
What is the GRE General Test and the GRE Subject Test?
The GRE is conducted in 2 basic streams:
  • The GRE General Test measures Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Critical thinking and Analytical skills acquired over a long period of time. In August 2011, the test was revised and the score pattern was changed from 1600 to 340 in total. Go to GRE new pattern to learn more.
  • The GRE Subject Test gages undergraduate achievement in 8 specific fields of study.
Who is eligible to write the GRE General Test?
Anyone can write the GRE. Usually, graduates in Humanities, Sciences, Engineering, and Technology who want to pursue their higher studies at international universities write the GRE.
The GRE Score is widely accepted in the universities and institutions of United States of America, Europe, Canada, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America for admission into departments of higher studies and research.
The GRE test score is highly valuable as many Universities and Institutes take that into consideration for the award of scholarship and fellowships.
Though the GRE subject test is not available in the study areas of law and medicine - it is not unusual to find law and medical students writing the GRE Test.
What is the structure of the GRE General Test?
The GRE General Test has 3 Sections
1. Verbal
The Verbal Section tests your Vocabulary reasoning, Critical reasoning and Reading Comprehension skills.
Score Range – 130 to 170, 1 Point Increment
Questions – 20 each in two sections
Time - 30 minutes for each section
Question Types – 4 Sentence Equivalence
6 Text Completion
10 Reading Comprehension
2. Quantitative
The Quantitative Section tests your basic mathematical reasoning skills. For most candidates pursuing courses in Engineering, it is at the level of high-school mathematics.

Score Range – 130 to 170, 1 Point Increment
Questions – 20 each in two sections
Time - 35 minutes for each section
Question Types – 8 Quantitative Comparisons
9 Problem Solving items
3 Data Interpretation questions

3. Analytical Writing
The GRE Analytical Writing Section requires you to write two essays.
Score Range – 0 to 6 Scale, half point increment
Essays - Issue Task and Argument Task
Time - 30 minutes for each essay
Experimental Section
This section can be any section mentioned above i.e. Verbal, Quantitative or Analytical Writing. This section is not evaluated to affect your final score. (The experimental section does not appear in a paper based test).
More about the GRE General Test
  • The GRE is a 3 hours 45 minutes examination.
  • You get one minute breaks between each section
  • After the 3rd section, you get a 10 minute break.
  • Your GRE score will be valid for 5 years.
  • The cost of writing the GRE varies from US $130 to $210 depending on your country.
  • You can use your GRE score in some universities to apply for business studies too.
When is the test conducted and how do I book to write the GRE?
The GRE is conducted all through the year except for Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. Visit www.ets.org. Click on the link and check out – How to book a GRE date?
How to crack GRE?
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