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anytime anywhere.pngAnytime-Anywhere

An Online Academy means you can login whenever and wherever and train for GRE. Whether on your way to work or college, all you need is the Internet and you are well on your way to achieving GRE success.



upgrade2.pngLearning Tracker

Your learning platform contains not just your learning and practice sessions but everything you need to boost your GRE scores. An adaptive and easy-to-use tool, the Learning Tracker can be your study buddy.



millisecond.pngMillisecond Monitoring

Recording everything from the moment you login, this technology helps your Student Facilitator or Analyst (SFA) analyze your learning data and guide you based on your performance. This technology can guide you on areas you need to improve, what your strong suits are and what kind of progress you've made.



Learning sessons.pngLearning Sessions

Sessions are timed periods of Learning or Practicing GRE concepts in either Verbal or Quant. During a timed Learning Session, you learn new concepts using examples and solved problems. During a timed Practice Session, you practice whatever you learned.


Wordlist.pngGRE Wordlist

GREedge offers a theme based wordlist - over 4500+ GRE words arranged in 90+ themes to understand and retain words in your memory. This unique method has won many fans from our students for its accessibility and practicality.



personal coach.pngStudent Facilitator and Analyst (SFA)

Your Student Facilitator and Analyst (SFA) or your personal coach will guide you during your GRE training by clearing your doubts, providing feedback, and even motivating you to reach your goal. They can be reached any time and always reply to your queries within one working day.



GRE prep programs.pngPreparation Programs

Each student is different - whatever your preparation need, a GREedge program is bound to satisfy it. Currently, there are 8 programs to choose from - Complete GRE, Complete GRE plus, Express GRE, FastTrack GRE, HeadStart GRE, Verbal Master, Quant Master, FastTrack Test Series.


Orientation .pngOrientation Call

Your SFA will call as soon as you join to understand you better and introduce you to the online features of the Learning Tracker. During this orientation call, you can clarify doubts and know more about how to boost your GRE score.



Study Plan.pngStudy Plan

Your customized study plan is not only based on your strengths and weaknesses but your entire approach to GRE. Revised study plans will be provided if needed. Follow the study plan and you are guaranteed a boost in your GRE score.



Ask a doubt_0.pngAsk a Doubt

Your SFA will clear every doubt you raise within 1 working day. There is no limit to how many doubts you can raise so learn GRE with no limitations.




"InstaDoubt" on your learning tracker allows you to view hundreds of doubts along with solutions raised by earlier GRE aspirants on the same topic. Compare, and if still not convinced, "Ask" your SFA the same doubt.



GRE style tests.pngGRE Style Tests

Improve your time management and become comfortable with the pattern of GRE by writing GRE style tests. A GRE style test can boost your confidence and point you to areas that you need to work on.



Full lenght adaptive test.pngFull-length Adaptive Test

Write the GRE before you actually write the GRE. A full-length adaptive test with all the revised GRE features gives you the actual feel of the GRE. Not only will this banish your fears but it will also serve to show you where you are with regards to your GRE goal.



Detailed feedback.pngDetailed Feedback

Detailed feedback including tips and techniques to improve time management is provided whether it is a practice session or a GRE style test/Full Length Adaptive test. Implementing the feedback means you are taking charge of your GRE destiny.



scorebooster.pngProgress Report

See a graphical representation of your progress and completed and remaining lessons on your learning tracker. This shows you whether you need to pull your socks up to reach your Target GRE score or whether you just need to continue on your successful GRE path.



Advance tutorials.pngAdvanced Tutorials

Advanced tutorials with practice material of a high level of difficulty are at your disposal for you to master any GRE topic. If you are not being challenged by the GRE material, your SFA will provide you with additional material to sharpen your skills.




Everyone needs a little extra help once in a while. Practice sessions to apply remedial techniques such as SFA approved GRE tips will boost your confidence.



Live online Seminar2.pngOnline Seminars

Participate in Live Online Seminars every week along with hundreds of other GRE aspirants on GRE related topics as well as non academic topics - Admission Counseling etc. Not only will you know what is happening in the GRE world, you will be keenly aware that you are not alone in your GRE preparation.



Reminders and alerts.pngReminders & Alerts

The burden of GRE is not just yours to bear, GREedge will make sure you do not lose sight of your GRE goal. Reminders & alerts through email or sms are sent for important events like GRE style tests, Online Seminars of the week and most importantly your actual GRE.



Wake up call.pngWake Up Calls

You do not have it easy because you don't need a minimum attendance in online coaching. Your SFA will contact you if you haven't been logging in for your sessions or not reviewing your feedback reports and change your study plan if needed.



quality bell.pngQuality Bell

Part of the Learning Tracker, any message on the Quality Bell will reach the Managing Director of directly. You can express yourself and expect complete discretion from the Managing Director. Also, expect a response within one business day.

This feature is available only to enrolled students.


student welfare.pngStudent Welfare

The Student Welfare Team can be contacted for any help in either your GRE preparation or admission counseling.

This feature is available only to enrolled students.


Continous survey.pngContinuous Satisfaction Surveys

Student satisfaction surveys to are sent regularly during your GRE understand your unique learning needs and expectations. It helps us to personalize our service to help you better.




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