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For each word, Wordbot will display a mnemonic image related to the word.

Word Details

Details of the word will be provided to help you master the nuances - definition, synonyms, antonyms, usage, and roots.

Designed to Simplify Vocabulary Building!


Learn a word completely - its definition, synonyms, antonyms. Understand the right usage. Listen to the audio for the right pronunciation. The mnemonic image will serve as an aid to memory.


Revise the words that you have already learned - test your ability to recollect words learnt in the past and learn new aspects of the word.


Test yourself to know how well you have retained the words and mastered them. Take tests for Retention, Right usage, and Synonyms.


The Wordbot keeps track of your level of mastery on a given word. It also keeps a track of when you last revised a word. It thus creates personalized wordlists and makes it convenient to master the wordlists.
Your Stats help you keep track of your progress on the words.

The WordBot provides you unlimited Vocabulary Tests that make learning interactive as against passive memorization. The tests check for your understanding of the meaning, ability to apply in sentences, retain in memory etc. and make vocabulary building an enjoyable exercise.

There are about 1100 words in the GRE wordlist that have good Greek and Latin Roots. These are available in Wordlist 8,9,10,11. After you learn a word with a good root, learn other words based on the same root. Understand the meaning of the Greek/Latin word on which this word is based. Once you understand this well, you will find it easy to master as well as remember them.

Unfortunately all words are not of Greek and Latin origin That is when you go for Divide and Conquer policy! This is achieved by Classification of the Words by Themes. The words have been classified by Themes such as - Nature, Personality types, Communication styles etc. You can first learn words belonging to themes that interest you the most, and thus build your confidence. Learning words associated with a particular theme will help you master with ease, as well as learn to differentiate related words.

You can add any note that helps your remember the word - a usage statement, an incident, or a mnemonic. You can tag your note as public or private. Public notes will be released to all users after moderation. Try to contribute to the learning community by adding good aids to learn, understand, apply, and remember.

The Mobile Friendly design allows you to learn on the move, and make use of your spare moments to advantage. Since your learning data is on the cloud, you can seamlessly switch between your mobile, tablet, and your workstation.

What students have to say about WordBot


Kritika Dmonty

WordBot was GOD sent, because it's so easy to remember the words.


Varshini Balasundaram

GREedge WordBot is brilliant work. Kudos to the entire team for developing such an awesome application.


Subhanwit Roy

WordBot helped me hone my vocabulary.


Debabrat Dash

The pictures with real life situation are easier to remember compared to caricatures, as they create an immediacy.

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