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Join GREedge

GREedge currently offers 8 GRE preparation programs. Each online GRE program is designed with different preparation needs in mind. You can click “Compare Programs” or “Choose your Program” to decide which program will be your companion to a memorable GRE score.



Step 2:

Access study material

The second you become a student at the GREedge Online Academy, all your lessons will be available at your “Learning Tracker account”. Feel free to login and peruse the GRE study material at your convenience. 



3 copy_0.pngStep 3:

Orient yourself

Know everything there is to know about your GREedge online program from your personal GRE trainers or “Student Facilitators and Analysts (SFA)”. Take a full-length online diagnostic GRE test and let your SFAs understand where you're at GRE wise before they guide you to where you want to be.



4_2.pngStep 4:

Acquire a Study Plan

Your SFAs craft a study plan based on your orientation process and diagnostic test results. Whether you've registered for the GRE exam, number of days until your GRE, what your target score is, and what is your current verbal or quant skills are just some of the unique factors considered while customizing your study plan. 



5_0.pngStep 5:

Prepare for the GRE

Follow your tailor-made study plan. Your online GRE sessions consist of lessons where you learn GRE concepts and write tests to demonstrate your understanding of those lessons. You can also view Live Online seminars by your SFAs and other GRE experts that offer you in-depth understanding of brand new concepts.



6.pngStep 6:

Performance Feedback

Millisecond Monitoring Technology records your lessons as you learn them. Your SFAs will send you a detailed Performance Feedback based on the information they receive from Millisecond Monitoring Technology along with solutions & tips and techniques to improve your skills and boost your GRE score.



Use all 6 steps in your GRE Preparation



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